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20 Per Cent, Off. One Hundreü Pairs OF UMI ÏI SUPLE SÍES ! Sizes, 3 and 3 1-2. WIBTHS, B AND C. AT GOODSPÉED'S, Tour Shoe Dealer. Grand Opera House ONE NIGHT ONLY. TUesáay, October 16th. MtMSH,líAMZA@ARNO'S REFINED MINSTRELS - Under the Management of- Mr J. W VogeL A wealth of pleasing surprises. A score of startliügr uovelties. A cluster of brilliaut gems. Aroyal assemblage of notables. 38 Smiling Black Faces. 38 No cast-off w.u-n-out Features. Pleasure, Music, Mirtli and'Purlty. Fine Fiaopean Novelties. Tweuty Picked Musicians. Grand Street Zouave Drill. BEAÜTIFJL BASE BALL CL0&. Admission, 35 and 50 Cents. No extra charge for Reseiveii Seats. Tickets oa sale at Wahr's liook Store . ffliimiriffiiiiii ■iiiiimiiiffl WAHE'S BOOKSTOKE [s headquarters for all new and 3econd hand school books used in the Ann Arbor Public Schools. We have purchased during the dull summer months a big stock of second hand school books which must be sold at prices that will astonish you. Blank books and wiïting pads of every description. Largest stock - Lowest prices. GEO. WAHK, Masonic Block. Dissolution ofPartnershlp. Notlce is horeby given that the partnership lately existing between G. Stark, H.Oolc. .1. Armbruster and B. A. Gartt-e i' the city ot Aun Arbor, Mieli . under the lii-in or lompany nsftneofG. Stark. Co. was dissolved on the "■'mi diiy oí ept.,1888, by mutual consent. All lebteowingto the said oompany are to bo re cpivedbysaidG.Stnrkand lí. A. Cartee aud all demunds ou the BaWoompany are to be presentad to thoin lor payment as they are uut horzed to Betilealldebte.duejtoand by the Broa uní tliey will bel'ound at Uie place of business ot ' sHid iiiic llrra where tíiey will continue the saine business. G. Staik. H. Colé. J. Armbruster Dated, Ann Arbor Sept.22,'88. E. A. Gartee. As will be seen froto above we will carry ou the paintingr business in the same place, No. 13 E Liberty , cor. 4th streets under the partnership name Stark & Gartee anj wouldtuerefore respectfully aak the people of Ann Arbor and vicinity to continue their kind patronage bestowed on the old flrm to us and we shall try ourutniost to prove worthy of the conü dence placed in us . G. Stark E. A. Gartee.


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