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Comparative Worth Of Baking Powders

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ROY AL i Absolutely Pure). . . MlBMiH .Laiu-i.mMUW- MUqa- n- MBr'1 i i'.M"-. (AJum ruwden .. ■HBflHHBHSmHHI 1 DHFOttD'8 (Phogphate) frsh ■■■■■■■■SflnHBHBDBBBHi II I XFOIÍD'S, when f resh BHTBWBW- I- WBB tWiUiWl REDHEi-D'S ■BSRBHggBHHnHBHaBBaaaBH CHARJI (Mum Powder) ■HHBHHUMBBMHB9HUKI UtAZON (Alum Powder) . ..XnaeBKBHHEJEKH CliETELiSD'S BBBKBmHBHBBnHfl PIONEER (San Francisco) ■UHHHBHnBBMHBIE CZAR BKNHBRKCBMBHH DB. PRICE'S ■HBHBHB SHOW FLAKK (Groff's, St. Paul laHUKBHIHRBi I.EWIS' aOBGHCHE COXflBKSS HHBHHH HECKER'S 5HE5BHB9 GlIJiET'S BHHBH HAXFORD'S, whea not fresh. .. WMB9M AM'(EWSCf. (contains alum)__ iMilwauJtee.) "Kegal." " r.l I. K (Powder sold loóse) ■■ ECMI'OIÍD'S, when not fresh. . .n REPORTS OF GOVERNMENT CHEMISTS As to Purity and Wholesomeness of the Royal líakiiigr Po%vder. "I haTe tcs5tcd a package of Eoyal Baking Powder, which I jiurchased in the open market, and liud it composcd of pure and wholesome ingredicnts. It is a creara of powder oL a hif;h degree of merit, and does uot contato cither alum or phü-:ihates, or other hijurious substaaces. E. L}. Love, Ph.D." :It it a seienttfle factthat the Eoyal Baking Powder is absolutely pure." " H. A. Mótt, Ph.D." '■ I have examined a package of Royal Baking Powder, purchased hy myself in tlic market. I timl it eutirely free írom alum, terra alba, or any other injuríous subtance. Henbt Morton, Ph.D., Presidentof Bteveus Institute of Technology." ' I have analyzed a paekage of Royal Baking Powder. Thn materials oí whieh it is eomposed are pure and wholesome. íi. Dana Hayes, 8tatu Assayer, MaeB," The Royal Baking Powder receiveci the highest award over all eorupetitors at the Vienna World's Exposition, 1873 ; at the Centennial, Philadelphia, 1S7Ü ; at the Araerican Institute, aud at Si at e Fairs throughout the country. No other artiele of human food has ever received snch high, emphatic, and universal endorsement from eminent chemists, pbysieians, scientists, and Boards of Health all over the world. Note. - The above Diagram illustrates tho eomparative worthof various Baking Powders, as shown by Chemical Analysis and experimenta made by Prof. Schedler. A one pound can of eaeh powder was taken, the total leavening power or volume in each can caleulated, the result being as indicated. This practical test for worth by Prof. Schedler only proves what every observant coneumer of the Royal Baking Powder knows by practical experience, that, while it costs a few cents per pound more than ordinary kinds, it is far more economieaJ, and, besides, aiïords the advantage of better work. A single trial of the Royal Baking Powder wili convince auy fair minded person of these facts. While the diagram shows some of thé alum powders to be of a higher deLree of strength than other powders ranked below them, it is uot to be taken as indicating that they have any value. AU alum powders, no matter how high their strength, re to be avoided as dangerous.


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