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A Full Bench Again

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City, Oct. 9. - The cerertooy.vl iostitúátidn of Hon. M. W. Fu Ier a cliief j.istice of tbe Uniter) States took "Jace on the opening of the fall term of the supnime eourt yestarday. It was very siinjlf, but t'ne court room was erowded with iromment men and a large sprinkling of ladies, ámong t.liem beine; Mrs. Fullnr and her six daughters. Among the i rominent men present was Jmlge Tturnian, wbo was received witli a sliijt outbivak of applause. When the announoeineiit of tha opening of court had been made by the crier, the as?ociate justices made their appearance, the chief bringing up tbe rear. The asociate justires took tbeir accustomed seats, but Mr. Fullertook a seat uear the cierk's desk. Justioe Jliller, the euior asaociate, then announced that since the last meeting of the court a ï'hief justiüe had been appointed and was now ready lo receive the oatli of office. Mr. Fulier theu took the Bihle in his haud and in a flrm, clear voice, roaii the oath. Then he walked round back of tbe asáoeiates seats, and took his om placa in the center wliere he buweel to the sunreme bsnch ffrst, and theti lo tbe Viar, as Justiee ililler formally introduced lam. ile the imnnouuced that the eourt would do no further business tban the receipt of applications for adniittance tothe bar, several of whi(;h were at once niade and the appücants sworn in. Tne court then adjaurneá for the day, and went in a body to ake its usual cali on the president, who received the members in the Blue room ut tbe White Housj, where social conversa tion was engaged in for a few minvtes, and the justices raiired.


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