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If the same number of studente tegistered after last Wediiesday raonviBg as registeied after the correspandiug date last year, there will be 1834 students named intheUniversity calendar this year. ïhis will be 167 more students than any previous vear in the bistory of the University. It is safe to saythat the number of students Will reach 1S00. Considering that this is a presidential year, when he atteudance usually does not increase, the large gain is remarkable. It shows the growiDg populariti' of the Uniiersity and that the great increase in the standard of raduation in the professional departments, while a blessing to the people, did not lessen the number of students at the University. Evidently it will not be many years before the attendance will pass 2,000, never t fall below those figures. Every vear the University is increasing iri influence and in its power for good and Michigan has every reason ia the workl for feeling proud of it. THE IEJIOCRATIC CLUB. The University democratie club is holding enthusiastic meetings this year. At the meeting last Friday, after an j executive club had been appoiuted, W . W. Griffin of Detroit gave a very Uteresting talk on the vital issue of the election-tanff reform. fcLon. Willard Stearns and Mayor Beakes were elected honorary members of the cl ub. Speeches were made by Messrs. Moffatt of Michigan, üossman of Iowa, Greening of Michigan, Quinlan of ühio, on tariff reform, and by Messrs. Bowen and Cox of Indiana on the prospects in Indiana, which they predicted would give f rem 10 to 15,000 democratie majority. l'resident J. F. McElroy of Washington territory closed the speechmaking wfth an address which evoked mucn applause. Many new members were enrolled. The officers of the club are J. F. McElroy, president; L. E. Gossntan, vice-president ; W. S. Nash, secretary ; and W. W. Grifflu, treasurer, Field day will be a week f rom Saturday Trof. Ilennequin is writing a play for Roland Reed. A number of senior law students are on the stump this year. The freshman pharmacy class is tlie l.irgest which ever entered the University. The christian association hold a social at the Congregational ehurch this evening. Prof. Morris delivers the address before the students christian associatum sext Sunday. Library students in order to obtain credit must hand in their studies before to-morrow evening. Prof. M. E. Cooley delivered the opening address before the engineering society, Tuesday evening. There are two lady junior laws, emulative of the fame of Belva Lockwood and Mary Oollins Whiting. The Univeisity republican club is striving to get Ooi. John Atkinson, of Detroit to address the club. One of the students lost a brown leather trunk last week, which at last accounts, be was hunting for. There will be two fair chemists aud pharmacists hen the present fieshman pharmacv class graduates. Three ladies have entered the freehman dental class and will strive to develop the muscienecessarj topullteeth. Fred Richmond has been elected captain of the sophomore football team, which has challenged the treshman to a match. The fresbman literary class hoil a cliiss meeting to-morrow momms at nine o'clock. Toot ball will probably be the topic. "Chum wanted, gentleman preferred" adorned the bulletin boards last weeu. The gentleman was prererred for the very good reason that a marriage license costs a dollar. The Chronicle starts off well this year. lts subscription pnce bas been reduced to $1-50, while its literary merits are up to the Standard of last year, llere'e wishing il a prosperous year. A paper war bas been inaugurated between the cwo college weeklies. The Argonaut yesterday carne out with circulars, reducing their price to a dollar a year. It is rumored that the end is not yet. Prof. Thomas annotated an editioa ol Tasso which is just from the press and will be used in the Tasso class in the Uuiversity. Ho more competent annotaior could be found and the notes will be found of great valué to English students. Librarían Davis delivers his second lecture on the use of the Universitv Lita rary and the catalogues in Koom A, at half past seven o'clock next Moaday evemng, ün Alonday evenint;, Oct. 22, ne lectures on the Books of the Last Twelve Months. The students who have not deposited the coupons attached to the treasurer's receipts by October lOth in the box of the secretary of the f aculty were warued that by resolution of the regento, tüey would be debaned the privilege of attendiDg classes. J. Ward [licks, a senior law student from this city, is seriously ïll atiheMational hotel in Washington, D. C, where he has been for soine weeks. His illness stiiited with an ulceiated tooth and nis jaws became so Urmly set that it was necessary to prythem open with an iron bar, in order to administer nourishinent. ïhere were 1649 students registered in the University Weunesday afternoon as against 1482 the corresponding date last year. After this date last year 227 additional students were enrollad. II the same number come in this year, it will brinff the total up to 1S76. The inorease in the literary, medical and law departments is especially marked.


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