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Housekeeper's Turn!

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_AT MACK 8c SCHMID'S, FOR MONEY SAVING PURCHASES. 600 yards Turkey Red Table Dainask, all in renmants, at i price. 3 dozen pairs of 10-4 Grey Blankets at $1.00 a pair. This is all we can get of this kind. 6 dozen pairs of White 10-4 Blankets, also at $1.00 a pair. 3 dozen pairs all-wool heavy Scarlet Blankets at $4.25 a pair. 2 dozen all-linen Table Spreads, 3 yards long, with a border on all sides, at $1.20 each. 50 6-4 jute Table Covers, came yesterday, in all colors, which we will run at $1.00 each. 3000 yards best Standard Prints, in various colors and designs, at 6 cents per yard. 2000 yards good prints at 5 cents per yard. 1000 yards new prints at 3f cent per yard. A big line of Furniture Calicos at 6 cents per yard. 25 of the elegant long nap Seal Plush Sacques, in the new cut, 40 inches long, will arrive to-morrow morning, and which we will run at $19.75 each, for 2 weeks only. This is a genuine surpriser Others sell them at $25.00 each. Also, the same Sacque, 3S inches long, for $18.75 each. BT7T 011Y(IO1 TW0 WlllSt Call for our $9.00 Taroma, an elegant cloth, Newmarket, with the new style Cape and Slee ves. Look over our many bargain displays on our counters. =Mack & sjc[rtMlp.=ΓΌ


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