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Come Out For Cleveland

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- W. ü. líoberts, a very intelligent Afro-Aineriean of this city, and grand senior warden of the colored Masonic order of tliis state, has renounced allegiance to the republican party, whicb has assumed to own the votes of colored men. He comes out with the f&llowing letter, which gives one or two ot Mr. Roberts' points. Mr. Roberts is a good talker, thinks for himself and is pretty well posted. ANN AHBOIi, Mloh., Oot. 10, 1888. TO THE AFttO-ASIEKICAKS OF MICHIGAN : We have now a con test bef ore us soon to be decided, and the interests of all citizens are involved in this conest. Fof one, I have renounced all aftinity with the republican party, and declare my3elf a democrat, as all there is in that term nieans freedom. Reviewing the acts of the republican party, all that I can concede to them is political slavery. I have long siuce tired of being enslaved. Henee, iu the tuture, I, for one, propose to act for myself. 1 hope that this article may show some of the colored voters of Michigan where their iuterests lie. We liave been taught to believe that all that has been done for Afro-Americans has been done through the republican party- which is a f abrication . The emancipation of the negro was compulsory as a war measure. Look for a moment at th armistice held at Fortress Monroe Mr. Lincoln said to Mr. Davis, "1 wil give you oue hundred days to lay dowi your arms and come back in the unio with all your institutions as thej were and we will cease to further prosecut this contest." The republican part seem to tbink that they have the colore voters under their thumb and can us them as tols. Tliat constitutes mental slavery and I want none of it. There were 6,130 coloree! voléis in the state ia 1880 aud not one of them has ever been in the legislature or nominated for congress, white all of them areexpected to vote the republican ticket, without representaron. As so much is beins; said upon this subject, I cannot refraiu from wnting this article. Respectfully yours,


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