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THE SAVAGE WAY. How the Iridian Treats an Injury- Old Time Methods. The savage is emphaticaliy the ohild of nature, He l.ves close to' nature bis on I y education is gained, in naCuie's school. Wben the Indian receives an injury, he dos not seek a eme in mineral po'isons, but binds on the simple leat, adojinisters tlie herbal tea, and, with nature's lid, comes natural recovery. Uur rugged ancestois, wbo pierced the wilderness. buili tbeir uncouth but comfortüble Log Cabms and started ihe clearings in the woods, whieh in time became the broad, fertile fields of the modern farmer, found in roots and herbs that lay elos at band nature's potent remedies for all their common tiiments. It was only in very serious cases Lhey sent for old "saddle-bags" with bis physic, wliicb quite as often killed as cured Latler day society has wandered too far away from nature, in every way,for itsown good. Our grandfathers and grand ruothers livei whoiesomer, purer, beüer. healtbier, more natural lives than we do. Their minus were not filled with noxious isms, nor their bod ies saturated with poisonous drugs. Is it not time to make a change, to return to the simple vegetable pieparations of our grandmothers, which contamed the power and potency of nature of remedial agents, and in all the ordinary ailments were efficacious, at ieast haimless? The proprietors of VVarner's LogCabin remedies have thought so, and have pui on the market a nnmber of these pure vegetable preperations, made fiom formules secuied af ter patiënt seaichmg into the annals of the past, so that ihose who want tlu m need not be without them. Among these Log ('abin remedies will be found "LogCabin Sarsaparilla," for the blood; "Log Cabin Hops and buebu remedv," a tome and stomach lemedy; "Log Cabin cough and con3uruplin lemedv'" "Lug Cabin bair topic," for stiengthening and reiiewmg the halr; Log C bin extract." for both exteinal and in ter nal application; ''L"g Cabin rose cream," an old but effective remedy for Catarrh, and Log Cabin pastéis " All these remedies are earefully prepared from receipes which were found after long investigation, to lave been those most successfulJy used jy our grandmothers of "ye olden time." They are the simple,vegetahle, effieacious remedies of Log Cabiu days.


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