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Fall Of A Grand Stand

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Quincy, 111., Oct. 12. - The second day of the Quincy fall celebration ended in an awf ui oalainity Wednesday nigbt in which 150 people were more or less seriously injured. The grand stand at 20th and Hampshire streets, t'rom which an immense crowd was viewing the d splay ol fireworks, collapsed without warning, and the 4,500 or 5,000 poople occupying the seats were precipitated to the ground and buried uuder the debris. A scène of the most intense excitemeut ensued. Groans and shrieks rent the air, mingled witb shouts and cries oE the unhurt. The town is wildly excited and the newspaper offices are besieged by rnlatives anxious to see tbe list of in jured. Up to noou Tnursday but one deatb was reported. Hon. A. W. Wells, member of the state legislatnre, is in a precarious condition, baving sufEered a dislocation of the tbigh, fractured ribs and internal injuries. The 17-year-old daughter of H. A. Vanderboom, bas a badly crushed ankle, and amputation will likely be necessary. During the Btampede many articles of jewelry and wearing apparel were lost, bul most of it has been recovei-ed by the pólice. The whole city is in distress on account of the sad accident.


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