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Th store crowded with buyers! Busy from morning till 6 p. m. Busy and Busier and Busier! YVHAT WE ARE SHOWING; Ve show the largest line of Ladies' Newmarkets, Plush Jackets and Sacks in Ann Arbor. We show the most complete assortment of Misses' Cloaks in this part of the State. We stand without competition in our large and varied assortment ot misses' Cloaks in this part of the State. We stand without competition in our large and varied assortment of little Children's Cloaks. We have provided for everybody, and the pnces are very low.'Hadn't you better come? lt will brighten you up to be in our Cloak Room. SOME EXCEPTIONAL VALUES IN WOMEN'S UNDERWEAR AND HOSIERY. FOR 50 CTS.: - Woman's Merino Vests, Pearl Buttons, Cat-stitched with Silk; the kcc kind. FQR50CTS.: Women's Swiss Ribbed Vests; 75 c. kind. FOR i.4o: Women's All Wool Swiss Ribbed Vests, extra quality; the $2 kind. FOR 25 CTS.: Women's Black and ColoredWool Hose; the 40c. kind. FOR 50 CTS.: - Women's All Wool Hose, extra quality, the 75c. kind. FOR 50 CTS.: Women's Fast Black Fleeced Lined Hose, extia heavy Fleece;the 75c kind. There is a good big quantity behind each of these items, but a big quantity don't go far here, especially when the price is so low. 40 doz. men's All Wool Scarlet Shirts and Drawers, tat 94c. As elose to half price as well can be. You will open your eyes and very likely your pocket-book when yon see them. To find the cheapest pair of Blankets in town, count, quality, weight and size. A stingy Blanket is likely to be dear at any price. Our 6 ft) Wool Blanket is big enough to cover a generous bed liberally and tuck in besides. The price $.50. Our other Blankets at $1.00, $1.50, $2.00 and S4.00 are large and cheap at the prices. Full assortment of Gray Blankets from $1.00 to $5.00 a pair. WOOLEN YARNS: - Woolen Yarns. We sell nothing but the best makes. If you want Germantown Yarns, ask for midnight Zephyr, unequalled by any as to Quality Elasticity, Evenness of Thread, Finish and Brilliancy of Colors and Shades. If you want Saxony and Spanish Yarns, ask for the Golden Fleece, the favorite and reliable brand. . Fast and Brilhant Colors; Selected stock of Wool; Even Spinning. We also have all Colors ot the Golden FleeceGerman Knitting Yarn, best in the World.


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