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Fred Esslinger has sold his shop to ohn Volz of Saginaw. William ReaK died in the sixth ward riday of brain disease. Uhe unity club holils lts opeuing soïal next Monday evening. Barney Mornson is serving twenty ays in jail for drunkenness. The infant child of Phillip H. Stinipon died Monday, aged four days. Dr. Dell hasrecieved $75 for a four months old colt, from Chauncey Orcutt. The Delta Epsilon society ia the iigh school debates the tariff question o-night. 4 Jüdge Frank Einerick, formerly of ,his city, is now a candidato for the egislature. The funeral of the late John Sweet wil! be held at two o'clock to-morrow t the Baptist church. The school of music has an incseased umber of pupils and Prof. Ssanley is roving a popular instructor. The Two Sams are having a rushing rade in their new store, which is one f the very finest in the state. Dr. A. C. Nichols issues a neat little monthly called the Ann Arbor Denta' ournal, devoted to dental topics. Over 200,000 bushels of onions have een raised in the Pittsfield onion beds his year. The market was overstocked. Charles S. Ashley, formerly of this ity, has an interesting article in the 'opular Science Monthly on tanft robery. Godfrey Luick threshed 1,020 bushels f wheat in nine and a half liours for Russel Porker, of Dexter, last Monday. A pretty good record, that. Henry G. YVanty, formerly of this ity, has sold the Manistee Democrat, which he has been making a lively paer for the past few months. The republicans were addressed by Ion. Theodore Roosevelt, of ÍTew York City, Tuesday evening. It was a good ized audience which greeted him. The registration of voters will take lace in Ann Arbor town on Saturday, November 3d, at N. Coverts shop, jetween the hours of eight and live. The trade and labor council meet at heir hall to-morrow evening. All the members are urged to be present as usiness of importance will be tranacted . Miss E. Stella Bain, ayounglady of ineteen, died Sunday on South Thayer treet of consumption. Her remains were taken to Marión, ühio, Monday or burial. Andrew Campbell and Frederick J. Smith, of Ann Arbor, and Egbert T. Harper, of Lodi, have been drawn as raverse jurors in the U. S. circuit court at Detroit. JohnN. Baily, editor of the Midland Sun, is about to engage in a series of oint debates on the tariff question in viidland county, with his newspaper ival iu Midland. The passenger train from the west which should have leached here at 7:50 yesterday morning was four hours ate, owing to a wreek on the road in ,he western part oí the state. Eev. Dr. Wm. Ashmore will preach a sermón in the interest of foreign missions at the Baptist church next Sunday. Suuday evening a sermón will be delivered by Rev. J . A. Johnson. Jeremiah Taylor died on South Main street Monday of congestión of the ungs, having reached the advanced age of 88 years, 2 montUs and 5 days. ELis remains were taken to Monroe county, N. Y., for interment. Mrs. Lavina Brown, wife of the late William Brown ot' the fourth ward, died last Saturdav of dropsy, aged sev" enty six years, one month and eleven days. The funeral was held Sunday afternoon from the Baptist church. Mrs. Ilaviland, soprano; Mrs. Prof. Morris, contralto; Mr. W alter Taylor, of Earlton Opera Co., tenor; and Mr. Hugo F. Geisler, Law '90, bass, comprise the excellent Episcopal quartette. The Glee Club have also secured Mr_ Geisler. The Toledo, Ann Arbor and North Michigan railroad compauy will open the Saginaw División for freight business next week, making a direct line betweeu Ann Arbor and the Saginaws. Reserve your orders for the new line. A. Paisley Agt. The amount of fine mouey raised by the county treasurer during the year was $202. Of this amount $79 was recieved from the Ann Arbor justices, $71 from Ypsilanti, $20 from Dexter, $5 from Milan, $2 from Chelsea aud $25 from the county clerk. The Courier can concoct more misstatements for its editorial notes than any paper we ever saw. Itdoesn't distinguish between fact and imagination. We are sorry to make this statement for out3ide of politics the editors of that paper would not so demean themselves. Willard Stearns and F. G. Sukey addressed a good meeting in Lodi Wednesday afternoon. Mr. Sukey spoke in Germán, made an eloquent, Iogical and convincing speech, and greatly pleased his auditors. Mr. Sukey is a valuable addition to our locfq speakers. The Detroit Tribune tuis week took its agencv away from Yale. Mr. Yale paid for the list of subscribers and the Tribune attempts to get them without paying him for them. As a consequenoe many of its fortnei readers are now taking the Chicago Tribune or tne Free Press. The democrats of Pittsiield held a rousing meeting at Mill's school house, Tuesday evening, which was largely attended. M. J. Lehman made a long and able tariff argument and P. McKeinan entertained the audience with a very pleasing speech. The democrats of Pittsfield are doing excellent work and it is understood they have a surprise in store for the big democratie jjass meeting here week after next. One day last week three burglars attempted to rob the residence of Comstock F. Hill, of Lodi. They entered the house by a kitchen window after moving the gatesfrom theyardfenceso as to have quick exit. Tliey awakened Mr. and Mrs. Hill and Mrs. Hill noticed three men in the kitchen door with dark lanterns. Mr. Hill grabbed his revolver but when he got to the kitchen the robbers had disappeared. It was supposed they were prepared to open the safe in the house,