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ChioaííO, Oct. 17. - There was a IivbIv rlot last night about6:3U o'clock at. North Halütnri and North avenue. Four eats, the lirst tlirtm tnanned by new rnen, wore following eac.h other closely down Hnlsted xtreet. At th comer üf North avenue thcy were stoupml by a barricade of heavy wagons, ash Ikixhh, beer kejxs, newer pipes and BtoneB Thn stret was crowded wil.h people returning frorn work, and iu a moment the cara wcre surrounded by a bowling, j-iering niob. Sun crashed through the Windows of tlie car', and the passengers quitkly de.serted th ara and joined tíiose iu the street. The forcé of eight pólice who were escorting the ears were unable to do anything with the rnob, and the new men on the first three caía were rougbly handled. The crowd then turned their attention to the fourth car, when the driver and conductor called out that thoy were unión men. "You're all right; thea," howled the crowd, and in a moment the car was dragged from the track and around tbe obstructions by a score of wiiling hands, and sent on lts way unmolested. In the meantima the pólice had sent for reinforcemonte, and, upon tieir arrival, the streets were quickly eleared. The uew men, however, retuseti to resume their positiotis on the cars, which were left stand ing ou tho street for an hour. Scveral men were clubbed by the pólice in restoring . der, but only two arrests were made, the prisoners being small boys who were trying toroll a stone on to the track. It only needed this incident to show that the strike on the norlh side is far f rom be ing satisfactorily settled. Otherwise the day passed without trouble, though there were niutterings of a probable storm all along the lines among the old men. The Garfield avenue cars were run all day and into the night - for the first time since the strike - by the new men, thure being policemen ou each car, and a new departure was also taken in the grip cars, those running down Wells street being manned by new men. This further angered the old hands, who were laid off to mske the vacant places, but no disorder occurred. Tbe second grip sent out ran into an open switch at Wells and Illinois and broke the erin It was asserted that the switch was openeil maliciously. Another car about 11 a. m. manned by a new gripman. in goiug through the tunnel got into difficulty that stopped the cable uutil nigut. The new man did not looen his grip going down the grade and tbe slack of the cable not being taken up by the counter weight at the engine house, coiled round the grip and the cable broke. The old hands who had their cars stopped in the tunnel took pains to remind the passengere who had to walk the remainder of the way to the business center- four or five blocks- that the "scabs" did it. An exactly similar accident occurred more than two months ago, in which the res u lts carne near being serious, a car being overturnod and the passengers tumbled out promiscuously, several of tuem carrying borae bruises as their saare of the experience. Attorney Furthman, who is in the employ of the company, when asked vvhy the old Wells street men had beeu replaced by new men, replied: "New men would have run the Wells street cars yesterday had we been given sufficient pólice protection. The old men may but they have no right to do so, as we are acting strictly in aoeordanee with our agreement of Sunday, as the short-hand notes of the conference will show. At that conference Mr. Yerkes told the men he would uo circumstances discharge the men who had corne to his assislance when he was in trouble. 'I have work for 588 steady men,' he said, '200 of whoin I have already hired, and who will be given steady work. This leaves steady work for 388 men. There are, however, 588 of you, and in or der that all of you may have the length of time each of 388 men would work must be shortened in order to acoommodate the extra 200 old men.'" "Novr, this," continued Mr. Furthinann, "simply means that the work of ;!S8 men is to be divided among 538 men. In regard to the 200 new men now hired, a list of them has been uiade and is now in the tnayor's hands. Whenever one of tbe new men leavns of his own accord and unmolested, his place is to be ülled by an old man ; but if be leaves because he has been induced eithnr by purebase or intimidation, his place will lm filled by another new man. We intend, you see, to offer no premium on intimidation, so that the old men will gain nothing by driving the new men away. If this doesn't suit them and they strike, I can't help it, that'a all." All tbe lalk yesterday was of a decHedly warlike tone, and although thore is some difference in opinión amoug tho west side men as to whfither they should again strike in order to aid the north siders, the sentiment of the latter is practically unanimous that, whether the new men are retained or not, all the old men must be taken back, even if it takes anotber strike to do it. The committee which was appointed to cali upou President Yerkes failed, for some reason, to vjsit that gentleman, but an all-night meeting was in session last night.


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