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"held Up" The Wrong Train

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Deadwood, D. T., Oct. 18.- About 8 o'clock Friday inorning a dastarcily attempt at train-robbery was made in Reno gulch, on tbe Black Hills & Fort Pierre railroad. The road is owned and operated by tbe Homestake Mining corapany, which employés a large number of men at wood-chopping at Brownsviile, the terminus of tbe road, distant abotit twenty miles f rom Lead City. Friday was the regular pay-day at Brownsviile and it was generally known that Paymaster Reemer would go out with $15,0(10 to liquídate the Septembor payrolls. The robbers, aware of this, had planned to wreek the train, slaughter the crew, capture the boodle, and escape. To carry this out the flsh platos had boen removed and the rails spiked, so that the engine dropped down on tbe ties and the coach was also derailed. Fortunately tbe train was not running at a very rapid ra te. By reversing lever theengineer quickly b:ouj;ht it to a standstill. As it stopped three masked men rose up in the brush and commanded "Hands up," and before the order eould be obeyed oponed flre. The fire was returnsd at once by Paymaster Reemer, who, armed with a Winchester, managet! to bring down two of the three desperadoes. Oue of them, Charles Clark, was sbot in the ear. He cranled off in the undurbrush to die. The other, John Wilson, was wounded in the head and in the left side. Ho is uow in jail here, but will likely die. Tbe third man, Charles Johnson, was unburt. He lushed to his horse and got away.


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