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High - Pressure living characterizes these modern days. The result is a fearful increase of Brain and Heart Dlseases - General Debility, Insomnio, Paralysis, and Inganity. Cliloral and Morphia augment the evil. The medicine best adapted jo do permanent good is Ayer's Sargaparilla. It purifies, enriches, and yitalizes the blood, and thus strengthens rery function and faculty of the body. " I have used Ayer's Sarsaparilla, in my family, for years. I have found it jnvaluable as A Cure for Nervous Debility caused by an ingctive liver and a low state of the blood." - Henry Bacon, Xenia, Ohio. "For some time I have been troubled with heart disease. I never found anything to help me uiitil I began using Ayer's Sarsaparilla. I have only used this medicine six months, but it has relieved me frorn my trouble, and enabled me to resume work." - J. P. Carzanett, Ferry, 111. "I have been a practicing physician for over half a century, and during that time I have never found so powerful and reliable an alterativo and bloodpurifier as Ayer's Sarsaparilla."- Dr. M. Maxstart, Louisville, Ky. Ayer's Sarsaparilla, FREPABHD BT Dr. J. C. Ayer &. Co., Lowell, Mass. Frice $1 ; six bottlee, $5. Worth $5 a botüe. THE ANN ARBOR SAVIITGS BANK ANN AEBOE, MICHIGAN. Capital paid In $50,000.(X Oapital Securlty - $100,0O0.Oi Transacts a general Banking business ; buys tui. sells Exchanges on New York,DetroitandChicag StUs drafts on all the principal cities of Eb rope; also, sells Passage Tickets to Liverpool, I-oi ion and Glasgow, via. the Anchor Line of Sttau ships, whose rates are iower than most other firs dass lines. This Bank, already having a large business, nvn mcrchants and öthers to open nccounts with Ülc with the assurance of the most liberal dealing coi sisltnl with safe banking. In the Savings Department interest is paid sen., snnually, on the rirst days of January and July, u all suirs that vvere deposited three r.ionths previoi. lothose days, thus aflordinji the people ol this cü and county a perter' dej.ository for the fonds, together witn a air return in interest for t! same. Moh"i to Loan on Approvert ecui ities. Directors- Christian Mack, VV. W. Wines, v D. Harriman, Daniel Hiscock, Wm. Deubel, ain Willard B. Smith. OFFICERS : CHRISTIAN MACK, W. W. WINES, President. Vice Presiden CIIAS. E. HISCOCK, Cashier. ïlu húú VegetaUas irhich inake tlie most Pulatable Dishes are ttiose found at MAYER & OVERB CK'S They have facilities f or keeping them lid aim always to sell the Best the liarket afíords. Teas and CoffeesWe are making a Specialty of Fine Teas and Coffees and are Selling them t Low Prices. The Best Groceries in tne Market are fast the one's we keep. Crockery and Glassurare. Garden and Flower Seeds. Faj CASH for Butler a&d Eggs, OrII and see us in the Hangsterfer Block. Mayer & Overbeck. r4í?TK$85s;isiffg.3í?S!rnrp fyy ':!, '. ■ III lately. Best S K r.R ? BB ■ 1 wstcn iDthoworia. fer-i fcettlmo-i libia ,""5vr a VJjlloüilaclieí'.DilBcuIs'slwl i ;' ■' ' . ■ -f'A y 'Mr " with works and Ca9?8 of V ■ --Í' equalvoloo.OXEPEIlSOSÍ X in eacli locnllty ciï secure ono --. FJtKE. How Í9llil8yossibie? f We aiiswer - we want Olie per"-i-k.- i- iü eon in euch locallly, to kccj) In „„pies,. wcll n tho wtch,w 1 fríe,nl nrter yon ñ , in your lióme for i montha lul ilwwo tlwn totli,,.: l,omny ImvccallDtl.Ui-y becomo yonr oom PJrtr j, is pon l, tom.ka Hito irreal Ter, KndltlM %■ Miewmpu- ln.nylocallly.nlwn In" lnri;c.n.,i.. tw n. Ktl.'r ...irnnnijil.- liAVe bc-n In loculitj tor a mmit.i r lwo i onall} gct frnn. JIOOO lo Sr.OOO In trndo Irom th ...tinlry Thl, tho Eioni von.lcrf.jl offcr _ fvcr nrmi,.inilin..r.lertl.iiloiirsoni!il"mnyli''lOTJtmco WI.1.TÍ thry cnn beKi,ll oer Amorío wntc t once, and nulcmirpnfthorhan. Bnanerll wlll boliRrdlj-aov trnnbM tu, vni l tbe Himples U wbo muy cali at yonr liont an.i yriu icwnrrt will l) most Rutlsfactory. A nontul cr'l oo wbli to wrtif nu but 1 centnilaílcryonknivtll,lfyoa f.l.-.rotol,-ofiirthnr,whynol.arm Ijdono. Butlfyourto xmá rmr nn.lromi at once, you can Mcura I--KEIÏ oue of II mt iolMicold watohea Ín thp world and nr larío llneol tOSII.Ï SAMPLE. Wípyallxprmiii, Cri-lRlit.rlc. SEO. BTIBSOM tí CO.,ÜOI Sli, fOUTLAND, UAE. "JONES HE PAYS THE FREICHT" } Scales of all Sizes. 5 Ton Wagon Scale ' with Brass Tare Beam and Beam Box, fbO. For free Pnce Listof all kinds, address JONES OF BINCHAMTON, BINGHRMTON, N. V. Bookbindery. Yon can get your Hnrper's. Centurv's and ScTibner'a nr any magazinn bound for 50 cents and upward per volnme at the Argus office Blmik Books and Note Booka manufactured. School nnd Sunday School Books tiound and repaired at very reasonable rates Bof k and Albura repairing a specialty Opposite postoflace Main street. F. J. SCHLKBDK.


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