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Shortage In The Wheat Crop

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Chicago, Oct. 15.- The following crop summary will appear in this week's edition of The Farmers' Review: Tbe sbortage ín he wbeat crop oL 1888 is due uot only to decreased acreage, but also to damage frqjn variou.s causes, such as f rost, winter killiug, rust, cbinch-buge, aud drougbt. The following estimutes oL tho crop in the principal wbeut growipg states are based on the acreage planted iu thos i states as ostimated by tho (Jepartment of agricultui-e and the average yield as reportad by The Fwiiirfra' Review correspondent: Keutucky--14,4'J0,jr)2 bushels, against 11,113,CU(i busbels in 1887. Oblo- 2,OT,793 busbels, against 35,895, 000. Indiana- 3, 148,635 bushels, against 37,628,000. Illinois- -y.bas.ö bushels, against 3ti,Sül.OUO. Iowa- aa,393,381 bushels, against ü6,837,000. Missouri -'j;i, 120, 130 bushels, against 27,744.000. 10,540,932 bushels, against 7,607,000. Nebraska- 20,280,260 bushels, against 16,■585,000. Michigan -'il, ÍW,8CO bushels, against 21,672,000. W'iacensiu- 12,555,257 bushels, agaipst 18,003,000. Minoesutt. -21,237,317 bushels, against 86,299,000. I Dakotfi-Sáfóé7 boshels, against 52,406, ■ ooo. Total for the eleven states wd Dakota, 282,840,:i52 bushels Allowing for the decrease in the areá plantod in the southern and eastern 8ti-8 reported by the department of agricultare and for an acreage in the western states and territorios not inentioned above, and assuming that the yield per acre will be equal to thut of last year, we estímate tbat the erop in the said states and to be 13ti,15S,02Ö bushels, which added to the total in the ábove eleven states and Dakota would make a total of 418,H98,a72 bushsls tuis year, „pjiust 45ü,iS2'J,OoO busbels last year.


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