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TRY IT YOURSBLF. "It is of no use to argüe the question, ?hTlip, I am neilher stubborn noropinionated, l have simply had a lesson that will last a ifetime." "Look here Jack! you are like some old Dachelor that has been jilted by one woman ind goes about declating all women are false." "Not at all! my brother Charley died of Br'cht's -linease brouM ir tv using one of these so called 'blood purifiers' - the kind you see attractively adverttseu n every nook and corner. I contains iodide of potassium, 3 d-ug uscful in extreme cases when cautiously given under a docior's supervisión ,but deathdealing to all who lake it in quantity. Uyour brother had died under such circumstances, 'Ou would hate patent medicines as I do.'' "I do dishke the name of that mis called blood puririer," for I have heard a firsl class hysician say it is the cause of half the cases f Brighl's disease in the country, and it is trange the pruprietors have not been prosecuted for selling it. But I was recommending Vinegar Bitters and that doe. not contain any mineral, narcotic or olher hurtful drug." "On nobody supposes that old woman's remedy will hurt anybody; the quesiion is will it cure anything? i'd as soon think of aking sume ol my grandmother's herb tea.' "You wuuld Le bctter off. Jack, if you had some of that tea to tone up your syiem now, instead of taking a glas of brandy to make you s eep one night and perhaps a bottle o( beer the next." "Is this a temperance lecture, l'hil?" "No, il is a Vinegar Bitters leclure. I'v taken the medicine more or less for fifteen rears, and look the world over, you wal nol ind a heatthier man than I am." '"Yhat is all this nonsense about old style md new style Vinegar Bitters; are Üiey different. ''Yes, the old style looks like coffee wilh milk in, the new style like coffee without milk. The man who made the old style for twenty years - a practical chemist - made a milder, pleasanter preparalion, adding to it here, and taking from it there, until he pro duced, my wile says, the finesi medicine ever made. It cured hei of constipalion, and il cures the children of hives and all the Hule ailmenti they ever have. If my wiie thinks they have worms, e doses them with old style. We always have both kinds in the house, and together, they keep the doctor away." "And you insist that the proof of the pud a'r%-" in the eating- precisely. Jack, get a l.ottle ol :he bl'd style Vinegar Bitters - men.l tliink, 1 style usually - try il, anti you willihen he lik. an old bachelor, who. after railing again-l women for years, fallin love wilh a go ■ll lat. You will say there are good ami bai patt-ni medicines, hut Vinegar Bitters istlie Nest oi the lot." All right, l', to n, 111 iry il and r-ii rl re ults " Oiüy Temperance Bitters Known. A ÜEAU'J IFUL BuuK Í KKK. ADDRESS, R. H. McDONALD DRUG CO. Í32 Wasbingti n St., New York.


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