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Handsome Fruit Exhibits

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At the monthly meeting of the society, i'resident Baláwin exhibited a very large specimen of the Le Conté pear. The foliage was very large and bright showing a very healthy wood, not in thè least injured by the late frosts. If this pear ripens in our climate it will stay like the Kieffer, which it resembles, surpassing the latter in size. Both are of Mongolian origin. The undersigned exhibited Sheldon, Secil, Louise Bonne, Superfino, Mount Vernón, Duchesse, D'Anjon, Bosc, Kieffer and Nelis pears. The Ann Arboc Preserve and PicklingUompany exhibitecl PeachJelly in neat blue and white glass jars. All who tasted It pronouaced it very good lts posïtive peach character was marked in comparison with the cheap jellies that contain everything but the fruit, inuicated on the labels. This company could not get enough peaches here and imported a load from St, Louis, Mo., at the rate of $1.35 per bushel. Miss Sarah Fletcher superintended the canning and jellying. She ft so well-kno 'n in this community that her name is a guarantee for iirst-class work, and scrupulous neatness in putting up fruit. The company put up quite an amount of fruit frotn this vicinity. It is very strange thatthoir exhibitat the County Fair, vvliich was the largest, passed unnotieed bv the judges and superintendents of thatdepartment. The fruit exhibit at our last County Fair was discussed. It was a grand success, but the fruit, especially grapes, became unsightly by the dust in the fruit hall. A committee, consisting of E. Baur, W. F. Biid and J. Ganzhorn was appointed to recommend to the Agricultural and Horticultural Society a liew floor for the fruit hall and general betterarrangements ; alsoachange in the premium list on fruits. It was asserted that some exhibitors of fruit collect their exhibits from the neighborhood, and the same canned goods have appeared for years. It was recommended that .n future the superintendent of that department should ask exhibitors whether they themselves have grown these fruits. Mr. J. Austin 8cott thougbt that the premiums on farm, garden and orchard produce were too small He considered these departments the most important. A first premium of fifty cents on wheat and of one dollar on largest and best display of grapes was out of place. Mr. J. J. Parshall moved that the original subscription list for the fruit factory bonus be put in the hands of Mr. E. B. Pond for collection. ' The motion was carried. Those that shipped by the fruit car are, requested to pay a penny per bushei to the treasurer of thitf society, whicli had considerable work to do to bring about cheaper transportation


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