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Another Parrot Story

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Do parrots think? Let the reader of the f ollowing decide f or himself . Many years ago a lady well known in this city was the owner of a fine one whose favonte perch was a dead branch of an old plum tree, where hidden among the leaves he seemed to amuse himself by laughing at the passers by , causing them to look about in vam for the person who was ridiculing them; calling "coboss, co-boss" for an invisible cow t come home. etc One day a lady pass ing by with a friend, a stranger in th city, said to Mis. , who was in th yard, "1 wlsh you would make the par rot before she could reply hi birdship said "I won'tdoit!"Mrs. turned to him and said " ï"ou won eh?" '-Nol 111 mindmyown business! was his quick and sharp response; whic of course ended the interview. Thi was a pious parrot, that often quotec scnpture, and has since lived next doo to a profane one, and the interchaug of opinión was highly amusing and wou derf ui.


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