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The New D. K. E. Building

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Charles Moore in Haphazard in the Detroit Journal contains the following escription of the new D. K. E. buildng in process of erection in this city. Among the various fraternity buildngs are various nne structures; but the }. K. E. building, nowfastapproaching ompletion,is by all odds the handsomst one of its class. The stone is laid n dark mortar, and each stone goes nto the building preserving the shape t had when taken from the ñeld. The uilding is thus made to look like a )ile of stones roughly framed into a ïouse. The building has a wide hall with a arlor on one side, a hbrary on the thër, a dining room behind the library nd the house keeper'a rooms behind the parlor, with solid walls btween in orier that the housekeeper's rest may not be disturbed by any noises that may nance to occur in the main part of ;he house. Up stairs are the rooms for ihe upper classraeu who are Dekes. It 8 not considered advisable to allow xeshmen the luxury of living in the raterhity house, because their habits of studv have not been formed and they mlght find the arm chairs too comfortable and the views from the Windows oo alluring. At present the D. K. E. boys are quartered in a frame house in the rear of their new building, where thev enjoy a Kood table and have plenty of f un in heir o wn way. A piano in the living oom, with plenty of college song books cattered about, suggests social evenngs.


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