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German In Five Weeks

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A rare opportunity is offered our cit izeus for acquiring a practical knowl edge of the Germán language in speaking, reading, writing, and the ability to think in Germán. "Language is the expression of thought," therefore Professor Haupt, author of "Haupt's Natural Germán Method," insists on teaching Germán in Germán, not allowing a word in any other language than the one being learned. In order that all may have the opportunity to hear Dr. Haupt, he lecturesat 10 a. m. 7 and 8 p. m. next Wednesday, Thursday and Friday in the Laaies Liibrary to which the intelligent public ia cordially invited. All wishing to know this more and more useful language for business purposes, or as an accomplishment, should attend one of these lectures.explanatory of Haupt's method which has been f avorsbly received in all the larger cities of our country. Bishop T.U. Dudley, Diocese of Kerr tucky, says; "I have attended Prof. 11 au pt 's üve weeks' course and am amazed at the resul ts." Mrs. II . C. Springer writes at the close of the course in Bu fíalo; "I never tudied Germán previous to taking 'our five weeks' course. I can now alk with Germans an hour at a time without using a word of English. To me it is wonderful." All wishing totake Professor Haupt's ourse should register on the above ays.


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