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She Sues For $25,000

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Mrs. A. Terry is striving through the medium of the circuit court to mulct Thomas F. Hill to the tune of $25,000. ?he suit was brought by surnmons for respass understood to be assault. The ircamstances out of which the suit grows ar about as fo├╝ows. Mrs. Terry has beea having considerable rouble with her neighbors on both ides and with the city concerning the mes of her lots, her understanding of where her lot begins and where it ends lifferin? from the understanding of ;he city engineer and others. For some ime she has been endeavoring by vaious acts to show anownership in land owned by Mis. Hill, such as driving takes in the lawn, etc. culminating n building a small embankment, as is claimedtwo feet or so over the line. Af ter she had put Ihfi gravel on, Mr. Hill went out with a shovel and shoveled it ofE. She carne out with a large ari which she filled w'th earth to again )uild up the embankment. Mr. Hill old her iiot to put it on nis land, when she atternpted to throw the gravel in ,he pan in his face. He warded it off jy striking the pan with hia shovel in such a marmer that the pan was sent nto the street. the gravpl going over his shoulder. Mrs. Terry didn't let go of the pan quickly and carne near faling to the ground in consequence. tshe went for a shovel to sho'vel the eartu ack that Mr. Hill was hoveling on. Ie shoyeled one way and she the other for a minute, when the ridiculousness of the whole affair caused nim to get in the house. The aiound was built up and Mrs. Terry comuiencea the $20,000 suit for damages. When the case comes up for trial there wil' be fun in court.


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