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Hustling For The Saline Postoffice

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It is said that some tall hustling ig going on over in Saline to supplant John Gillen as postmaster. If the hustlers can hustle as Gillen can, when need requires it, then indeed will politics be lively over in Saline. First among the applicants for the postoffice is R. H. Marsh, secretary of the republican county committee, who put up the money for some of the big republican bugs and won some wagers fro ja the poor demoerats. He, it is said holds a mortgage on the place, claimiug a promise from the redoutableCapt. Allen, upon whose head the crown of success will be made to rest uneasily by applicants for postoffices. Then there is J. H. Bortle, a prominent G. A. R. man, who devoted himself to bringing the Saline l'ost into politics and puiling the boys in line for Ilarrison. He claimeth his reward. Then there is E. R. Aldnch, prominent republiean and hustler on general principies. He has hustled so long and so strong for the party that he might at least have a postoffice. Then cometti Sam Van Du zer, who has returned to the republican party bringing many of his prohibition frienda with him, a vote making process, the good effect of which was shown by the Saline returns. If the republicana wish to swollow the prohibition party, they have now a chance to show it. Sam Josenbans ought not to be left out of the list. He is af ter the office and hls friends for him. He is a Germán republican and surely the Germans have a right to be recoguized once in a while. John McKinnon would rnake a good postmaster but that isn't saying that he is going to be - not by a long shot, or in ether words not ïf Marsh, Booth, Van Duzer and the rest of them can help it. l'erhaps they can't- who knows? VV. H, Smith. an oíd BOldier, who gets a $24 pension for the loss of an eye, in a blacksmitu shop, its said, is on deck for the office. He is a nursery agent and henee is versed in the kind of cheek needed by an ofüc seeker. Here's a fine chance for Mr. Allen to recognize the old soldiers. We must not leave Howard N ichols out of account. He has a drug store in a location, that, they say, is all right, bas money to loan and can hustle for the party at a lively rate. Then there is G. B. Mason, postmaster for twentyfour years. We don't know asheis after it, but he ought to be, for Saline was suited with his administration. If the republicans want to recognize their new found allies among the demócrata, now's there time. For is not Oscar Briggs ready and willing to accept the honor if it be thrust upon him?


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