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Ypsilanti has a rcgistration of 1414. Whooping cough lingers about Clinton. Dr. Holmes has removed from Stony Creek to Saline. About 42,ooo was lost and won in Saline on the recent election. Charles Stoner, of Bridgewater, has given up his meat market in Clinton. Charles Ciark, of Clinton, raised 40,000 cabbage heads on nine acres this year. A "Sweet Home" entertainment was given in Smith's hall in Saline, last evenirïg. Whaley & Son, of Milan, are fillng a thousand wooden pails with apple butter. Samuel Casey, of Superior, died October 2Sth, in the eighty-sixth year of his age. G. J. Nissly, of Saline, has shipped four carloads of chickensto New Vork this year. Thomas Byron, of South Lyon, was severely injured by a log rolling on him last week. Mrs. Julia Porter died of oíd age in Manchester, November 6. She was eighty years old. Miss May Champion, daughter John Champion, of near Ypsilanti, died Nov. 4, of a congestive chili. There are eighteen scholars attending school in District No. 7 of Sylvan, and twelve in District No. 10. Mrs. Mary Rodger died in Green Oak, November 3, from the cáncer from which she had suffered tnany years. Rey. Mr. Richmond, formerly of Ypsilanti has been called to the pastorate of a Presbyterian church in Detroit. Editor Smithe, of the Ypsilantian, is taking a two week's vacation which he isspending in Missouri and Illinois. A little son of Otis Cushing, of Webster, was recently injured by two wheels of a wagon passing over his body. Joseph Lotharius'and Miss Viola A. Hoffman, of Ypsilanti, were made one last Thursday by Rev. J. Venning. Dr. John Gauntlett, who left York a year or two ago to practice in Walton, Kansas, has returned and will lócate in Blissfield. The Clinton Local don't believe in killing skunks. Possibly Blosser has some unsavory memories of an occasion of that kind. Stephen Stocking died in Chelsea, Nov. 4, aged seventy years. The funeral services were held on Wednesday of last week. Mathew Zinser and Miss Mary Richardson, both of Lima, were made Mr. and Mrs. Z'nser, Nov. 5, by Rev. Henry Voelker. Four Dexter nimrods, according to the Dexter Leader, one day last week, bagged 69 birds,2 woodchucks, 84 partridges, 33 quail and 3 rabbits. A wedding occurred in Lima, the day before election, when Matthew Zinser and Miss Maria Richardson were made man and wife by Rev.H. Voelker. Michael Hoy, of Chicago, and Miss Marión Gallaeher. of Wehstpr. were married in St. Joseph's church, Dexter, November 7, by Rev. Fr. Loughran. W. E. Boyden, of Delhi Mills, attended a sale of blooded shorthorns in Jackson last week and paid $105 for a six year old cow and $95 for a two year old heifer. The Enterprise of Manchester offers a year's subscription for a bona fide case where a Michigan girl has proposed marriage this year. This is leap year but Blosser don't believe that the gir!s propose. Henry Hayes, of Dexter, and Miss Ella Johnson, of North Lake, were united by Rev. Dr. S. H. Adams in Dexter on Wednesday, November 7. Mr. and Mrs. Hayes have the hearty congratulation of friends. The Ypsilantian gives as a reason why it did not bid on the supervisor's proceedings that it did not care to make a charitable contribution to the county, and the Ypsilantian is nght. The Argus would have lost money had its figures on the work been taken, and the Refister mnct lose about $10 more. Among the election bets paid in this county was one made by Mr. Demosh, of Ypsilanti, who according to au agreemeut, drew Mr. Quimby, of Boston, in a road cart around the principal square of Ypsilanti. The cart was decorated with stars and stripes. Mr. Quimby sat reet in triutnph, bearing emblems of victory, while Mr. Demosh was dressed in deep mourning. The board of Supervisors last week accepted the bid of the Ann Arbor Register to print the proceedings of the Board and 1,500 pamphJets, for 89.50 This is not over half of what the job is worth. Just why the Ann Arbor papers continue year after year to make the county a present of about $100 in this one matter, is something of a mysterj Ypilanti Commercial. The Dundee gas well was down 1,400 feet Tuesday and rapidly going Chinaward. The Dundee people will soon find out whether they are to have natural gass or not. The Nogar well which was bored last year to the depth of 2,200 feet and then suddenly closed, is currently believed to have been a good oil well, purchased and closed by the Stai, dart Oil Company. Ifthisbe true, the Standard Oil Company may soon have the privilege of purchasing another well. The Southern Washtenaw Farmer's clubj met at J. P. Lapham's November 3. There was a large exhibit of fruit and farm producís and a big dinner. President Merrithew didn't think fall plowing for corn advisable. J. G. English had never succeeded in finding an ear of cern with an odd number of rows. Prof. G. VV. Loomis thought the present system of county superintendency of schools preferable to town superintendency. R. B. Green thought farming lands in Southern Michigan would never be lower than now. B. G. EngUsh attributed his success in grass sowing to an annual application of piaster on his land and the destruction of weeds. He sowed clover seed as early in the spring at possible. J. G. English spoke strongly for woman's suffrage.


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