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CATARRH. Catarrhal Deafness, Hay Fevei - A New Home Treatment. SuftVreis are not generiilly aware that these dise.ises are contagious, or tliüt tüey are due to the presence of living parisites in theliningr membranes of the nose and eustacliiti tubes. Mieroseopic research, ho wever, bas proved this to be a tact. and the resnlt is tbat a simple remedy has been forcnulated, whereby catar rh, catarrhal deafness and lniy fevw are pertnanently cnred in from one to tliree applications made at home bv tl)P putieiit once in two weeks. N.B - For Catiirrhal discharees peculiar to females (wbites) tbis remedy is a 8pecific. A pamphlet explaining this new treatment is sent on receipt of ten cents by A . H . Dixon fe Son, 303 West King St., ïoronto. Canada. - Scientiüc American. Sufferers from catarrhal troubles should read the above carefully. ? Ter) gt tij Wr)icr ie dilNZEf(S u0LD UOJÍESTY I (qenunefasa r(ED H tin tag on eVerv plug. OLD HONESTYis acKnowledged to be te puresb and rqost lastinq piece of Standard Chewing Tobacco on themarKet.Tjxing it is a better test thanany talK about it. Give tafair trial. Your dealer has it. JNO. FIHZER & BROS., Louisville, Ky. AintFFB IXMAN'S PERFECT GIDER. PRESLRVÁTYL. Athoroughlytestedandwuoie.-iameprepai for arrestinp fermentaiion, euabling une tú ' rich, sparkling eider the yeararound. Has been on the marki't six jvars, and ia Lndorsed bj I andswhohaveusédit. It thoroughly clarines and imparta no foreipn taste. Put up in boxes dfsigned tor 33 anti 50-gail. packases. retailinfrat üöaud 60 ets Sold by cleaJors. or sen: bv iv.fiil on ivceipt ofprice. INMAN BROS. Pbaukoistb nvrnn.Q. aLöMolMPSOBDCtoSterspn. ■■'■ " LERA P3OOF. -s$V íí-IXPPItUS (-'Hir.í'AIO. WlHS lST C_JV SL,A flTPiff? 2 WC'HTD 2306 l.BS. vJy ' -V livL"Ni KOR DESORtfTION 4PICLCF _ jjip N Vii.MSE Hhm ■;. MCO?. AL3O FOWLS ji ÍTÜS Comaaui -■ ■ - ■ for reeïing purpoaea Ie 1887. Sen! furf.i ni'ii mentiOD thls paper.) !l5KO0snld for 51OO UB-P SiíLTiill ltlj. Best S8KÍB {■■■ _. fi-cttime-l IIhU ■ . ' %2SLvSolM Ool.l HuntlnsCanci. f . -■.-■:■ v- 3 ttTt;'8Knt ul murnlflcent. 1 Via Jiotti ladieq'and geuts'BUei I - -.i -'-ÁW wltli workd anrt chob o(c Sy-. V eq.ialvalue-OriEPERSO - . - .- ,"V luonch loculltycBTi secure on X iï FHEE. Uow ís tlilBp'MBiblet t ■ -"-J-:y Woanawer- wo want oue per- - - iZ3 Bnn tu '--HCh locftlliy, to koep In tbir . - ... mi" iow to tbowvho cH, a:ompli!tp lliforoar , , L , v. . ï. ufuJ UOUHEUOLU fiA.flf I.rS. Th"S"-nii'l".n wWI fttlie wn.tph,weBcnd friefAti(] ftftcr yoa in ... ki il ..-!'. In yom bom"! for C iiinntlis i-nd miown them to whn Tnftv hHveea)Id,i "V becoroe your owu prorty; U . ,HVi ,■ la ■ l. .-■■., Ben linK 1 .-iït-2O (,oij) -vm.-h nnd COSTÏ pniplenfu-e.RS thw eliowinR of t. , ,',-.., ny !oca!it.v.lWH.vreii I tn-lo ft ng'aiVrf iirMiu.I;.- bnve'been In r loculiiyfora mcnthi.rtwo v ' . . ■ - i (JÍ'iOO tn Sr-íJí"' in trfld 'mm Ui nnnvtm lini ruxitry. Th,th moit wonderiul oilü. ever fcnr.b-it.i' ..■'■ : Ti..,.. ooríiinaplMinmrboplowIatpoc whr f hej ' "i '" P'en f1' ovur A:nertc. WrUe ut oücb, and mKB ,( , ■ , . -...■. rit w : behrdlyn t trobU tac y ■ irtHhow LuiífainTneatoLUotwiiomycllaty(urlioui ,..,,■ ,, - ,1.' T in. st itUfa -1 il ■ viirn i., wrtti lidniPis i.ntl eüitnii n.ter youkuow al d i -, wty iiAhttrm ifl: -i'i. Butll ■end yooi iwlilrttt oucw, yuucuu secure VRE'i ou t.; tb ■ .i la the world Rnd nr lni;-'. 'pfif CkfsTl ;- kfckfc'-aLiEïi W.'iy 8.11 xreá, (ruipïii, etc. lddrüü8JKO. BTi:;SON CO.. Box blS, PÜKÏLAKD, AIAINK. jícOMETOlF '% PWAMALARIA Wf M Eí? I CETSTHE BETTERQP WB LU Every man, womnn ana chilfl ought to take some Spiiixg medicine, uught to "clean house" as ït were. A prora inent Detroit Banker says : "I tako one or two "CHOLACOCUE cvery Spring, and have not missed a day's woik since 1809. 1'OSITIVELY, tilia medicine WIL L CUBE MALARIA, BILIOUSNESS, FEVER AND ACUE, Aches In the bones that Spring liringstoone-!ialffb people. For sale nt Drug atores; i f not, send $1.00 forL Vottle CHASE MEDICINE CO., Detroit SUvU. Fabranp, Williams & Co. Wholesale Agu


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