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"my Story Of The War."

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In Uiis new and superbly illustrated work of 700 pages the world-famous Mary A. Livermore nárrales her per" sonal work and experiences as a hospi" tal and field nurse during the war otthe rebellion, Mrs. Livermore spent four years as a nurse in hospitals, camps, at :he front and on the battle-field, and ;hese four years were packed with pathos, glory and sacrifico probably never aralleled in tlie life of any other wonan. Her nanative presente' a vivid nner picture of the womanly side of the war, more esneeialh of her own wurk and thrilling experiences, with many )athetic and humorous incidents porraying the lights and shadows of hosjital life, ïtiese are described as only an eye-witness and a tender-hearted woman'could describe th(-m. It lifts the cúrtalo and shows how leroic and devoted and blessed woman's work was. It is full of the deepst pathos, the richest humor, the most ouching tales, the most stirring dotes and incident, and through the whole runs the story of the adventures and striking experiences of its illustrious author. Slranger stories are here told than romHnce ever dreamed of, every one of them drawn from real lite by a woman's hand. In every chapter she weaves in anecdote after anecdote, incident after incident, story after story, and the reader's attention is held breathless to the end ot the volume. But the illustrations! An able critic recently said: "This is the most richly embellished work ever published in America." There are splendid steelilate portraits of famous nurses of Jnion soldiere, and many plates iliusrating hospital scènes and thrilling inidents iu a woman's arruy life. There re also splendid fac simile plates of 'amouH old battle-flags, from photoraphs and paintins made irom the riginal ilags, piinted in sixteen colors om one hundred and twenty-eight enraved sLones. They show all tlie colrs, tints, blood-stains, reuts, shot-holes nd splintered staffs, exactly as they ppear in the original ilags. This grand volume bas nocompetitor. 'j is sold only by agents, and is meeting with an enoi mous sale. Agents who introduce a work of such sterling merit ought to be coidially welcomed. l'ut it into your homes. It will be read over and over again bv old and young, with incieasing plewsure and lasting protk, and will be piized by all.


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