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Weather indications; The nexti years probably yeiyohüly. One Dollar and Twenty-Five ets a yard saved on a reliable Silk Striped Velvet, is like finding money. Six Pieces Striped Velvet, 75c a yard, the $2 kind. They ought to go flying. The Velvet is below real valué. Of course somebody loses money. That somebody is back of us. We simply pass the goods on to you at a small margin. They tuori't last long-. We are going to makequick work with a large lot of Combination Dress Patterns. Your choice this week, for $10.00. No two patterns the same. Few styles in the window on the left. As we have a surplus of Stockonett Jackets,yj_br amusement, we will let a few of them go at $2 each, the $4.00 kind. Fifty cents ayard to be saved on a Broadcloth, is worth looking ut for. We can now put you in the way of doing it. A happening that is not likely soon to come about again. We can this week, give you a 54-inch Broadcloth, at $1.25 a yd. Former price, $1.75. They say we sell more Horse JBlankets than any other house in the city, and yet the counters with these goods are in the basement, and we hardly say a word about them in the papers. Shrewd Horsemen don think #ƒ buyiny until they first visit this Basement. New Hampshire One Strap Blanket, 80 c. New Hampshire Strap Blanket, 90 c. White Plaid Horse Blanket, $1.10. The' 'Boss"HorseBlanket, $1 . 60. Square Wool Blanket, Strapped, $2 and $3.50. All Wool Blanket, Strapped, $5 and $6. What we are doing this week in Dress Goods. Tou ought to pay sonie attention to these prices if you think of buying a KJKVV DRESS. 10 Pieces of 36-inch invisible Checks and Plaids, 37Jc; made to sell for 60c. 12 Pieces of Broadcloths in all of the New Shades, at $1 ; made to sell for $1.25. 25 Combination Suits, one pattern of a kind, at $10, $12 and $i,. They are all good styles and at about half price. 25 Pieces ALL. WOOL Henriettas, 42 inches wide, 37Jc; made to sell for 60c. 10 Pieces Colored Silk Warp Henriettas, at $1 ; made to sell for $1.25. 8 Pieces FANCY PLAIDS in all of the New Colors, 42 inches wide, $1; made to sell for $1.25. 20 Pieces Fancy Suitings, 54 ftiches wide, at $1; usual price for these goods, $1.25. Ladies' Cloths in all colors, 54 inches wide. 60c; usual price, 75c. A Few Special Bargains this Week in Silks. 20 Pieces of ALL SILK Armures, at $1.10; usual Drice, $1.40 and $1.50. These arê GRAND GOODS TO WEAR. The best Faille Francaise in America, for $1, you will find on our counters this week. We have but a few pieces and they won't last long. LOOK AT IT. Our Black Surah, at $1, is a great bargain. Probably the Best Wearing and Richest Looking Silks when made up are the Pean de Soie. We have a full line of these Silks, and at prices' that are as low as in any house of America. Examine the $1.35 and $2 qualities. BACH & ABEL.


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