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Ed Stxele, au Alpena railway eoud,uctor, receives $3, .500 accident insuvaace for the loss oí' a leg in a railway smash'jp. WUliam Ainsley, the missing "Williamston postmaster, bas returned, and claims tha stories a bout his regard for another man'a wife are falsa. He took a trip dowa into Indiana just because be took a nqtion to do so. (". P Karr, a iáanilac oounty farmer, prides j hiraself on a üarley erop that threshed 42L bushels per aere. If any otber Michigan farmer can beatit, Mr. T. would like his postoffice address. John Betts was an inmate of the Montcalm county poorljouse, but became tired of his surroii' linga and made hisescape. Wander mar out into a swamp he got stuck fast, and tiefure he as rescued carne near perishing trom col 1 and exposure. John bets high I that he'il let well eilough alone hereaf ter. It is announced that Frank Godfrey, of the 3tate printing house of Thorp & Godfrey, at Lansing, bas withdrawn from that firm and will engage in business at Detroit. J. S. McAlister, a Burton farmer, laid aside 100 busbels of choice wheat for future reference, but sorae cliap came along and re lieved him of the pile in a single night. A Cedar Springs deputy sheriff tuought he was making an important haul when he captured a drummer nam d Brown, suoposing him to be Taseott., the Chicago murderer. But ''e soon disoovered his mistake and apologized. Geuesee ccunty bas sotce promising pedagogues. One of 'em defines cotton and woolen goods as "the defee's in the articles of confederatiou," while;anotber, at the same examiuation, said that vetoes "prevented people from attending to other peopie's business." Now revise the lexicons. During the last week of October, 68,42(i tons of ore were shippad by water froin the various L;ike Superior iron mines. A $'0,000 fire used up Malone & Co's box factory ac Bay Cily on the mornijg of the 5th. Insurance foots up about $ö,OCO. A Grand Rápida girl lost an electiou bet with her lover and so had to help him clean out a pig-pen. A Stockbridge girl of J4 summers, was so incensed at her mother because she was advised to change her dress that she skipped out and hasn'D beeu seeu since. A Romeo parson gave his auditors some political advice that didn't suit 'em, and now they'Aeretaliated by withdrawing their subsubscriptions. Mixing puütics and religión seems to be dangerous business for the mixer. Durand is to hava a $2.",0J0 unión depot to aceommodate the railroads centering at that place. About a year ago Mrs. C. B. Stephens, a North Oxford lady, gave birth to twin boys, but both have since died. The other day she was made the happy mother of another pair of boys. Bessemer's new court house is one of the finest buildings of its kind in tbe entire staje. 'Twas built ef brown stone, has a 130foot tower, and is a credit to Gogebic eounty and the upper península. A Munith man gave a neighbor a sound flogging and Ihen had his victim arrested on the charge that he struck the first blow. It takes a good deal to satisfy some people. Wbile the family of Geooge Townsend, of Davidson, were attending Sunday services, some cbap burglarized their home of $90. Nelson J. Flanders, a Moorland man, bit ofï a neighbor's nose, and Nelson's apetite is said to be unimpared. Some people in this world have queer tastes. Miss Bertha Alger, of Grand Rapids, has been appointod librarían of the Tenuessee university. While driving aloug a country road to S ring Lake recen tly, ex-Senator Thomas W. Ferry was precipitated over an etnbankment into the mud beneatb his upturued veïicle. It required his best effuets to get out of the uncomforable predicament. Lenny Reynolds, a Genesee eounty lad of 9 summers, is peouliarly afllicted with abcesses, which nearly cover his body at times. L'uey often obtain unnatural siz but do not discolor the skin, though requiring to be re)eatedly lanctfd. ïhe afllicted child has al■eady lost a portiou of his teetb by an n bcess n the moth. The local physicians are unable ,0 control the pecuhal disease. Thomas Bree, of Grand Rapid', aeconianied by a chum, took possussion of the ïouse of a barbar while the owner was away on a visit, and after selling the furniture and household goods, the pair skipped out for Chicago. But Thomas became tired of an exiled lire and recently returned to the iapids, surreudaring himself to the polica. Some Marlette school bos treated their teacher to a dose of ancient eggs because be bad chastised 'em, and nowthey'll spend a season in the reform school in consequence of their odoriferous joke. Harbor Spriugs has no depot, the old one jeing redueed to a heap ot ashes by an election-day fire. Some money and freight were also burned. Burglars got away with $4.ïO worth of ostage statu ps and cash at the Hubbardston )ostoffice the other night. The safe was ir■enarabty clatniicren. A wealthy farmer named Olivtr, living at Jackson, üecame so excited over tbe election eturns that he dropped dead f rom heart isease. A Kalamazoo man kicks because the ladies wear such hih rhats at cburch. Whether he's the on'.y man who attends cburch in hat city, or the rest of them don't care abont seoiiii tbc prer.eb'ïr, isn't stated. A youthl'ul witness on tbe stand the other ay at Graad Rapids, was asked if he knew ;he nature of an oath. The anawer came quick ani sharp- "you bet I do, for father's ost a heap oí money betting on the electon." The thrasliing of election day seems to ïave been cloan and thoroughiy done - too horouh!y ia tact for some people's com'ort. Archie pclaü, tiie man cLareed with riminal afsaalt upon Faoi: Marvin, of Jattie Greek, was taken from t'..a shanff's ustody by tv nly-five masked men and mngto the limb of a tree. Cromwell merchants have formed a proectiva association, and bereafter the man who gets a reputation for not paying his ebts will get no goods on trust.


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