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Dreadful Disasters

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Kansas Citt, Mo., Nov. 10- A special from PiLtsburg, Kan., says: "The most dreadful disaster in tbo history of Kansas oocurred at 5 o'clock last eveniug. wben tbe men were preparing to leave their work at shaft No. ' at Frontenae, a suburb of Pittstmrg, a terrible explosión oocurred that shook the earth for a great distance. Upon investigotion it was found that 160 men were in the raiue at the time, 112 feet below the surfacs, and undoubtedly all of theoi are d jad. Two men who were in tbe car coming up, and were near tbe top, were the only man who escaped. Big lires were built near the mouth ot the pit, and beside these blazing piles the womeu placed tbeir cbildren while they themselves tried by all kinds of entreaties to induce the miners froin the other shafts to euter the pit and rescue their j tives. One rescuing party started down j tbe shaft at 7 o'clock, bnt was forced to turn back owing to the foul air. Another ' attempt was made at 9 o'clook, but the plucky reicuers were agaiu forced to abandon tbeir work. They could bear no sound from the chambers balow, and this leads old rainers to believe that all the men in the shaft have perisbed. Other attenipts will be made to reach the entorabed men. Fiitsburu, Kan., Nov. 12. - The accounts of the mine disaster at Frontenac have been so largely o verdra wn that it is deemed proper tor the information of the public that at least one true statement of the facts should be officially given. There had been up to Sunday evening at 6 o'clock thirtynine dead bodies recovered and about twenty wounded or injured. Of the latter, not to exceed flve will die, and probably not tbat many. Experts and volunteers are still thorougbly searching the entries and rooms of the underground workings f or any bodies which may be possibly left there, but it is thought they aie all now discovered, and included in the list of killed and wounded. There were originally about 150 men in the mine at the time of the explosión, those over and above that number of killed and wou ided beving escaped soon after the explosión by vvay of the air and escape suafts.


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