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Holocaust At Rochester

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Rochester, N. Y., Nov. 10. -The most disastrous and fatal fire that has happened in this city for many years occurred last evening, and the loss of lifo is expected to reach between fifty and 6ixty persons. A general alarm was sounded at 7:30o'clock on fire béing discovered in the packing room of the Roehester Steam Gauge and Lantern works, a faotory employing a large nuinber of men. So busy has the factory been lately thatthe men have been working night and day to catch up on orders. The locality whem the fire occurred is regarded as somewhat dangerous, and when the report got abroad that the lantern works and the cotton factory in its vicinity were on fire there was intense excitenient all over the city, which was increased when at 9 o'clock the rumor got abroad that a large nunaber of men had been killed. Following is a list of the casualties so far as learned up to midnight: Killed- John Gall, foreraan; Joseph Darizer, jumped from sixth floor and picked up dead; Henry Snyder, burned internally ; Frank A. Oehs and Joseph Webber. The in ju red are - Frank Siddons, both legs and back broken, will probably die; Jacob Diebl, night watchman, burned iuternally and prostrated by shock ; John Devlin, left leg and wrist injured and these more or less burned and bruised; Richard Pierce, John Greenauer, William Devlin, Frank Froedlin, S. Burkhard, Oscar Knotts, Joseph hard, Charles Diehl, G. Kippert, Stephen Forbes, John Greenauer (seeond by that name), Con Holleran, John BalL Those kuown to ba missing are - Thomas Mathias, S. Rohbins, Charles Weber, John Miller, Patrick Cosgrove, Richard Connor, G. Watters, Charles Smith, Robert Poole, Frank Revnish and Alfred Cannon. These are known by name to be missing, but until the books are examined it will not be possible to teil who were actnally at work. Among those saved were John Platts, who escape.) by sliding from the sixth floor. He says tliere were thirty persons at work on that floor, and three were saved - Robert and Horatio Hall, and Joseph Smith. Platt thinks that about ten others escaped with him. ROCHBSTEB, N. Y., Nov. 14 -At 3 o'clock yesterday afternoon tne workmen employed in exea vating the ruins of the lantern work carne upon a ghastly find in the southeas corner of the ruins. Under machinery, coils of wire, pipe, and debris of all kinds, was found a heap oí what were once human forms, crusti 'd Dy tne weignc waica naa rested upon tbem for days. Three were at once recovered, and there were evidently several more uear by. Later tive other bodies were found in a bunch, where they had evidently gone down together. Up to 11 o'cloek last night the record stands - dead, twenty-one- sixteeu bodies having been taken out o( the ruins, and flve dying from theii injuries. There are twelve still missing, suppnsed to be still covered up. There seems to be no doubt that the death list will nuraber thirty-three.


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