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Terrible Murder In Illinois

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Wexona, Hls., Nov. 13 - A doublé murder. followed by the suicide of tlie fiend who comraitred the horrible crime, has eaused mucb excitement in this peacef ui coinmunity. Peter Howe, a wealthy baoker of this place, and bis wife were found murdered in their beds early yesterday morning. A coupling-pin besmeared with blood, the beds, floor, and walls of the room spattered with blood and brain3, and the horribly mutilated bodies of the unfortunate couple told the story of the murder. Sarah Richardson, a pretty, If year-old domeatic in the Howe family, made the dis covery. Sbe is the stepdaugbter of Charles Burkhardt, a dissolute man, against whoin suspicion of the crime was at once directed Burkhardt lived with his family over a groeery store located in the principa business block of this place. The citizen who were called to the scène of the crime were unanimous in the opiDion that Burk hardt had committed the awful deed. A watch was at once placed over the rooms where he lived, while the county authorities at Ottawa were notified. It was not long until Burkhardt discovered that a watcl was kept over his premises. He was walking up and down the hallway at the time appareutly in grat agitdtion. Seeing no way of escape the murderer went into hi room. srabbed his razor and cut his throat His dying inoans were heard by his wife, who was ia the room adjoining. É3he rushed in and threw herself over the prostrate form of her husband. "Care for the baby," was all that Burkhardt was able to gasp out in a faint manner. They ere his last words. In the absence of any statement from Burkhardt the cause of bis bloody act can only be surmised. It is thougbt he comtnitted the doublé murder out of spite. He had frequently importuned Sarah Ricbardson to leave the Howe family and live with him but the girl had persistently refused becaus of Burkhardt's motivei. The girl bears good reputation, and she was supported i her re8olve to keep aloof from her flendis Btepfatber by both Mr. and Mrs. Howe. Burkhardt uo doubt heard of this, and concluded to vent his spite against the Howes; robbery was csrtainly not the motive, as nothing was taken.


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