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INSIDE. Plenty of money to buy drinks and cigars, but thinks himself too poor to buy a Horse Blanket. r OUTSIDE. Two or thrcc dollars spent for one of the following strong 5fa. Horse Blankets "vould have made his horse worth a hundred dollars more 5A Five Mile. Bas ri7e Mlleí oí Wrp Ttare4i. g 5A Boss Stable. M m Btroagest Sorse Blanke t Md. a lA 5A Electric. a M Ë ËL JaitthtthlngforOat-DoorUit. MA 5A Extra Test. M , Sometlilng New, Very Stronf . 30 other styles At prieel to lult everybody. For sale by all dealers. None genuine without this S Trade Mark sewed inside ICopyrighted i888,by Wm. Ayres & Sons.] . a. . [na lona mude, Li 'teátf053Sr; 3yl ■ " aSMgnmeuts L.r9tr „i1.-} drawi'., Infñníreinenta "i'if Bh B I ttw"ï irosecatcd in ril Federal m3íHA' Mi HLwF irivpiv io iiiu;i''l3rt1qutred. X.yWpJStYfÍA.J? Kstilbllshcd A. 1J. 1805. TKrayiSSPvSr Tin. S. SritAoi'E k Bon, 87 Mlflil Crnt-rcss Street West, O The BUYEKS' ÜUxDE is issuad Maich and Sept., each year. It is an eucyclopedia of usefu] information for all who pur. chase the luxuries or tbe neoessities of üfe. We oan olothe you and furnish you with all the neoessary and unnecessary applianoes to ride, walk, dance, sleep, eat, flsh, huat, work, go to church, . or stay at home, and in various sizes, styles and quantities. Juat figure out what is required to do all these things COWFOSTflBLÏ, and you oan makeafair estimatR of the value of the BDYEH8' GUIDE, whioh will be sent upon receipt of 10 cents to pay postage, MONTGOMERYWARD & CO. 111-114 Miohiuan Avenue. Chicauo. Hl


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