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Consumption Cured. An oíd physician, retired from prac tice, having had placed in bis bands by an East India missionary the formula of a simple vegetable rémedy for the speedy and permanent cure df con sumption, bronchitis, catarrh, asthma and all throat and lung affections, also a positive and radical cure for nervous debility and a 1 nervous complaints after having tested its wonderful cura tive powers in thousands of cases, has felt it his duty to make it known to hi suffering fellows. Actuated by thi m tive, and a desire to relieve human suffering, I vvill send free of charge, to allwho desire it this receipt in Ger man, Frenen 01 English, with full di rections for preparing and using. Sen by mail by addressing with stamp naming this paper, W. A. Noyes, 14 Powerrs Block, Rochester, N. Y. IF YOU WISH TO Purchase a second hand bicycle, you will flnd that the majority of wheels for sale are not COLÜMpÍAS. Riders of Columbia bicycles seldoin wish to sell their wheels, Columbias are easily and cheaply repaired and will bring more when offered for sale second hand than any other make. =S1IR THESE UM= One 52 inch "Volunteer Columbia' new, a big bargain, $90.00 VILOCE COLUMBIA. One 'Veloce Columbia," has been used but little, price $115.00. C. W. WAGNER, Agent for Columbia Bicycles, 21 South Main St., AiïN AEBOB. WANT COLUMN. DHESS MAKING. No 41 Wall street, flfth ward. Mrs . H. Graves. 45-47 rpEN DOLLARS REWARD- Lost on Monday, on either Hurón, Main. Washington or Fcurth streets, three biüi amounting to HO. The flnder will receive Ï10 reward on bringlng the money to thig offloe . DINING ROOM GIRL WANTED at 23 South State. Opposite Brown and Cady's Grocery store. 44-46 WANTED-A counter about twenty-flve feet long. F. S. Prettyman'i News 8tand. No. 'j Ann Street. 44-16 UTANTED.- The service of a competent " nursecanbe had by addressing Lizzie O Parsons, Hamilton blook . 41-43 FOR RENT- A barn on South Fifth Street. Inquire at Akoüs office. TO RENT- A part of a large convenient house. Also unfurnished rooms, corner of Jefferson and División streets. Inquire at 47 División. 8ïtf. FOR SALE- New house of eight rooms '48 MülerAve. Inquire of Wm. Gerstner, No. 3 Detroit street. 37tf . FOR RENT,- Several houses located in different parts of the city. One large houBe eapecially adapted for keeping roomers and Apply to Hudson T. Msrton. 37tf FOR SALE- House and lot on East Cather. ine etreet choap. Inquire up stairs over Fred Brown's saloon, Mam street. rpAR WAI.KS.- I make and repair tar walks, 1 also do teaminK. Orders will be promptly attendftl to. Address O. M. Thompson, P. O. Box 1S46. CX)R RENT, Several Very Desirable PIANOS, in Excellent Condition.- Aoply at the ABOUS Office. 48tf FOR RENT- A modern house with furnaoe, gas and water accommodation, in fine location. For partioularg apply at 21 North University avenue. . 16 tf . FOR SALE- Several very desirable building lots located in different parts of the city on monthly installmente or long time. Apply to Hudson T. Morton. WANTED- Everybody to use Furnum's Patent Champion Weather Strips for doors and Windows. Thoy are the best in the world. Will save yon their cost in wood and coal in one winter, protect you from cool draits and they will becoine your house. They are ermanent and a sure protectlbn against ill storms. No spring triggers or circle irons. None equal. None can exoel. Orders left at 3 Eberbach's or No. 13 Lawrence streot will raceive prompt attentlon. _ - j IMian Báby wu Blok, w gr her CMtori, When h wu Caild, he oríed fot Cutoria, Whea ihe bscuB Mits, she clnng to Cutoria, Wha tb had Childnn, ih gro them Cistori,


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