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New features, including Video On Demand!

by eli

As you may have noticed, we've added a few new features to today. First, we are delighted to offer Video On Demand, which provides instant access to video of past library events and other library productions, such as our Annual Report, presented in video format for the first time! You can also download high-quality or iPod versions of each video, or subscribe to a video or audio podcast through iTunes that will automatically download new video of library productions as they are added to the collection. You can find the new Video On Demand page at , or on the page.

We've also added links at the top of the page that allow visitors to to have the site automatically translated into one of 6 languages: Arabic, Chinese Simplified, Japanese, Korean, Russian or Spanish. Please note that this is machine translation, which means that the quality of the translation will not be as good as if a human had translated the content. However, our polyglot patrons are encouraged to point their mouse at translations that they think could be better; a pop-up balloon with the original text and a link to suggest an improved translation will appear. You can also access the translated versions of the site directly using international language codes like so: (Arabic) (Chinese Simplified) (Japanese) (Korean) (Russian) (Spanish)

Our services brochure is also available in these 6 languages at any AADL location.

Finally, pictureAnnArbor, our collection of images contributed by patrons, also has a new feature. users can now sign up online to get their own gallery within pictureAnnArbor, and then upload pictures to their gallery over the web. Browse pictureAnnArbor now to see what other have already contributed, and sign up today to join the project!

Thanks for using, and please feel free to comment on this post or contact us if you have questions or feedback about these new products!


I'm interested in trying the video on demand soon - what a neat idea!

I also wanted to let you know that I think it might have coincided with this change, but now the menu bar at the top of the pages shows both the image menu and has text links super-imposed over the image, so it looks a little strange.


Thanks, we're really excited about the videos, too.

As for the text links, we did a small update to the site layout to accommodate the new translation feature. What you're seeing is a combination of some old and some new web data. You can hold down the shift-key and hit reload/refresh to grab a fresh version of all data to get it to look proper.

Please [:contactus|contact us] if you're still having trouble.

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