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Chicken thieving in Lodi. Whooping cough at Salem. Nora has a good liteiary society. John Mount has moved back trom Kansas to Sharon. Dr. Walker, of Salem, will remove to South Lyon. Julius Olikie, of Augusta, has built a new residence. David Russel has opened his new store at Eaton Mills. Ihe Stony Creek M. E. parsonage has been repainted. Capt. M. S. Hall, of Ypsilanti, is a Presbyterian eider now. Wiliiam Buttless, of Manchester, will go into the hop business. Edwin Loveland is teaching in the Oak Grove district near Nora. John Lawson is now residing in his new new house in Whittaker. Protracted meetings are in progress at Rowe's corners in Sharon. The house of A. Foreman, of Salem, was destroyed by fire last week. Hon. Joseph Martin, attorney general of Manitoba, vas in Ypsilanti, reecntly. Hause Bros., of Clinton, manufactured over 5,000 barrels of eider this year. A. S. Hayden has been elected commander of the Milan Knierhts of Maccabees. Adolph Kappler died in Sharon, .December ist, of consumption, aged forty years. Saline will have a new cell built for a lockup in the rear of the engine house. The Ypsilantian states that one of the pastors of Ypsilanti, is a full-blood Mohawk Indian. A horse belonging to Mr. Merritt, of Ypsilanti, ran away last week, breaking its leg. Miss Mary Cavanaugh is teaching the school in the Denmore district, west of Chelsea. Congressman Allen has been elected an eider of the Ypsilanti Presbyterian church. The total amount of taxes raised in Milan township including school taxes is $8,106.11. Two fingers of Louie Luksche, of Salem, were severed in a feed cutting machine last week. Lambert Gieske, of near Manchester, killed a porker last week, which weighed 580 pounds. Miss Alice Lazell is teaching the winter term of school in the Iron Creek district of Manchester. The Ypsilanti light guards give social parties every Wednesday evening in their reception rooms. L. Conklin, Bridgewater's treasurer, receives taxes every Friday this month at Bridgewater town hall. Edward D. Clark and Mrs. Christine VanNetten, both of Ypsilanti, were married Dec 5 by Rev. Isaac Gray. Jacob Nagel and Mrs. Catharine Lamb, of Scio, were married by Rev. Stephen Klingman in Dexter last Friday. William F. Schaible and Miss Barbara Gauss, of Manchester, were married by Rev. George Schoettle, December 4. An oyster supper is given this evening at James McCormick's in Saline for the benefit of the Lapham Sunday school. Prof. Steere gave an account of a trip to the Philippine Islands, to a party ot Ypsilantians at a social at Mr. Wm. Janes's. The Germán Workingmens' Society, of Manchester, which is a very prosperous organization, is talking ot purchasing Goodyear's hall. Sam Josenhans, of Saline, is authority for the statement that a 20 pound turnip was grown on his lather's farm in York this year. The ladies of St. Luke's church in Ypsilanti held a social last Saturday evening to raise money for the Florida yellow fever sufierers. The Dexter Leader says that "Add Drew rejoices over the birth of' a 15 pound boy." Has not the Leader added to the weight of that boy? M. McCarthy was knocked down while walking near Whittaker one night last week by a stone being thrown at him, and hitting him on the head. D. A. Pray has been elected president of the Whitmore Lake lyceum, S. F. Horner, vice-president; Miss Robinson, secretary ; and Miss Stiles, treasurer. The school house in the Hardy district in Augusta is now removed to its new location. For one-half a mile, the building had to be moved through a woods. Rev. George H. Grannie, at one time pastor of the Ypsilanti Congregational church, was married at Memphis, Tenn., to Miss Agnes F. Conway, December 6. Two young men racing on horseback ran into the carriage of Miss Mildred Murray in Ypsilanti tipping it over and throwing Miss Murray out dislocating her shoulder. One Grass Lake boy wounded another Grass Lake boy in the leg last week by carelessly handling a revolver. And yet parents will let their gons carry such ugly weapons. Henry Mager, of Saline, and Mifs Kate Schlect, oí Ann Arbor town, were married Thanksgiving and will go to housekeeping on the W hippie farm recently purchased by Mr. Mager. The Sappho club, of Ypsilanti, will give a grand concert next March including the operetta King Reno's Daughter and two choruses from Mendelssohn's Mid Summer Nights Dream. While plowing recently, a horse belonging to W. Barr, of Stony Creek, got lts foot caught between two rocks so that the foot had to be pried out with a crow bar, seriously injuring the horse. The treasurer of Scio township, collects taxes at the county treasurer's office every Thursday in December, at Gregory & Son's bank in Dexter every Saturday, and at his home every Friday. The Saline Observer says the cewnty clerk issued eighteen marriage licenses week Defore last. Funny we, county seat papers, never found it out. Marriages are not quite as numerous as that. Mrs. A. J. Warren narrowly egaped being hit by a bullet which truck the house passing over the dble at which Mrs. Warren usually worked. Some persons had been nexcusably careless using firearms. Mrs. Dr. Edward Batwell died after several weeks illness, December i. She was the wife of Coroner Batwell, the chief of the Ypsilant: fire department and was a lady whose loss will be mourned by all . who knew her. Little Bessie Moore, of Grass Lake, narrowly escaped death last week. She was playing around a fire out doors and her clothing caught fire and were burned to a crisp. She escaped without serious injury. Lucius Taylor Post, 247 G. A. R., of Milán, has elected the following officers: Com., W. Robison; S. V. C, C. T. Buxton; J. V. C, H. Hooker; Quart., Dan Case; Chap., Rev. J. Huntington; Surgeon, Chester Daniels; Officer of the Dav, John Steidle; Officer of the Guard,"E. H. Davis. John Boyle, of Ypsilanti, and Mrs. Hannah Geddes, of Superior were married in Detroit on Wednesday of last week by Rev. J. F. Dickie. The groom is 70 years of age and has been twice previously married, while the bride, who once before changed her name, was twenty two years his junior. A. A. Stringham has been elected commander of Comstock Post, G. A. R., of Manchester, the other officers being: S. V. C, M. Hough; J. V. C, H. Fellews; Quartermaster, H. Kirchhofer; Surgeon, Wm. Henson; Chaplain,J. D. Merrithew ; Officer of Day, S. R. Sherwood; Officer of Guard, Joseph Wheaton. Geo. A. Cobb, of Saline village, died December ist of typhoid pneumonia, aged seventy-five years. He was born in New York and came to Michigan in 1S35. He settled in Lenawee county moving to this county in 1865. He settled near Saline and farmed it until 1884, when he retired and moved to Saline. He leaves a wife, three sons and four daughters. Mrs. Isabell Edmunds .Robinson died in Saline, Saturday, December 1, from cancer and old age. She was over eighty years of age and a native of Massachusetts. She was married when sixteen years of age and moved to Michigan in 1831 settling near Saline. In 1869 they moved to Ann Arbor, where Mr. Robinson died in 1871. In 1878 she removed to Saline village. She left four sons and five daughters surviving her. John L. Hoyt, of Saline, died Saturday, December 1, from kidney trouble, aged nearly seventy-five years. He was a native of Orange county, N. Y. He came to this state with rus wife who survives him in 1837, settling near Ann Arbor. ín 1861 he moved two miles west of Saline township on the farm where he died. He left a wife, three sons and a daughter. His life was above reproach. The Whittaker correspondent oí the Ypsilanti Commercial, a republican by ïhe way has the following commendation of the lafest democrat'vc mail agent appointed from thig county. "It is with great pleasure that we learn that Col. E. W. Bowen, of Ypsilanti, has got a situation as mail agent on the Lake Shore R. R. His trip is from Clevelarad, Ohio, to Chicago. When I hear or know of a man like Col. Bowen getting a situation hke that it does me good. I don't care if Bowen is a democrat; I am confident that he was a splendid soldier during the war; entered the service in the o,th Michigan Cavalry when but a boy 16 years of age as a private, and for mentious conduct carne home at the close of the war Orderly Sargeant oí his company, and I honestly hope he will not be removed by a republican, and I don't aelieve he will. I for one will help :o keep him where he is, or any other ex-soldier if he is competent. There is no doubt he is one ot the most talented offirers in thestate service."