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Our Losses By Fire Last Year

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Chief Engiueer Moses Seabolt has figured up the loases by fire in the cit3' for the year 1888, and 'makes the total loss by fire in the city $38,600. the largest for rnauy years. The losses were as follows: Jan. 10, Mra. Wm. Hondcrson $ 400 Jau. 15, Prof. P. R. B. de Pont 100 Jau.K), Toop's Bakery nominal Jan. 20, Volland's Harness Shop nominal Peb . 1, Umversity Laboratory 000 Apr. 13, Rtote Street tire 20,000 May 16, Jewett estáte 8,500 June 5, Capsule Faetory 10,000 Julyï. Uobison'H Barn 400 Aus. 6, Boath's Barn 100 Sept. 14, Hogristor office nominal Sopt. Ui, G.H. Winslow 400 Nov. 25, A. A.Mouth 300 Nov. 2Í1, Ann Arbor i'oundry 00 Dec. 14, Mrs. B1Í6S _ 2.aO0 Total $38,000 Anu Arbor needs a paid ilre department, as the work is becoming so much tUat volunteer compames cannot long be kept together.