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The May Flower Fire Company

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We have been shown a copy of a report of the May Flower Fire and Hose companv made Dec. lat, 1866 to Ilon. Uradley Granger, chief of the nre department of the city. The company then consisted of foreman,rG. W. i'limley; first assistant, C. Y fPerfe; second assistant, J. G. Smith; third assistant, N. P. HUI; Sec, O. Bloomfleld; Jt'reas., N. P. l'arsons; Capt. of hose, G. Mc. lntire; Asst. of hose; S. N. Smith and thirty nine men, all of whom were undergood discipline. The company had the following property: 1 engine, 1 hose cart, 150 feet rubber hose, 150 feet leather hose, 75 feet linen hose, 8 suction spanners, 9 hose spanners, 1 set extensión brakes,7 wrenches, 1 Boeket, 1 wrench, 1 horse tong, 1 ax, 1 crowbar, hose elevator, 1 pirn hammer, 4 punches 2 valve rests, and one broom. All the company wanted was 2 suction rollers, 10 patcbesfor their hose, 2 trumpets, 2 lanterns, a lamp for the hose cart aud a monkey wreuch. The company also boasted of beiog $75 in debt.