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Dr. Edward Batwell, the pbysician at the county house receives the muniflcent salary of $60 a year out of whick he is obliged to pay for medicines. Hia annual report showing the condition of health at the county house, together with some details as to the salary and work is as follows : To the SuperintendeiUs of tlie I'oor, Washtenaw Co. Gentlemen,- As medical attendant of Washteuaw County Foor House, 1 beg to subsnit the following report. The total number reported iu the House during the official year has been 158, or 117 males and 41 females. We find that medical attendance has been furnished and mediciDe provided for 416 patieuts or an average of eigut patients at each weekly visit. ïhis is a coat to the rich county of Washtenaw of 42 cents a year for each of her sick pour. We do uot believe that tho most ecouomical of her taxpayers can cali this a verv extravagant ouilay of county funds. I have kept a faiihful record of what auamint I paid out for medicines and Had that 3 1 dollars were expended for medical supplies for the sick at the couuty house and you ruay perceive from the above figures, that I was not very lavish in my expenses for each patiënt. This left 16, dollars for my 52 visits and examiuation of 416 patients. When I made the bid on the proposal of the county superintendent, I did so on the basis of that made by other medical men and witu the idea that it was a "bona lida" proposal. Examination of last year's accounts, Miiow uiai jjü. -i was aiiowea lor meaical supplies. The contract called for the same conditions that appeared ia this year's advertisment. It has been said, "that some young physiciau would be glad to do 'the job' cheap for the sake of pracüce." This sentiment is entirely uuworthy of your honorable body. Those who bec'ome inmates of your county house and whose only crime is poverty and only offense iï being dependent on public charity, should have the best medical atteudance. It should be sufficient for them to know that after their c'eath, they contribute to the advancement of anatoraical kuowledge without feeling that in life, they are subject for experiment and ignorauce. We have had bul seveu deaths during the past year, three males and four fetnales. Ve have had no births; no epidemie or contagious diseaae make ita appearance amongst the ii)D)ates. One case of small-pox was repoited but it proved to be pregnancy. 1 would respectfully direct your attenüon to a class of cases in the house to whum a separate room and sttendance should be assigned. 1 refer to some cases of incurables whose habits ,and surrounditiff .render them prejudicial to tbose near them and yet are uot subjects for hospital care. They should be placed on the ground floor in one large room aud a good suitable attendant provided. As now, they are a nuisance to those near them and in case of li ie would be entirely removed from assistance or escape. "I must not close this report without adding my sincere testimony to the care and kiadly regard shown for the sick under my charge by the matron of the county house. Kind, courteous and pains taking, she bas ever been ready to carry out eyery suggestion and wish for the benefit of those under my care and to contribute as mucli as possible to their comfort and wellfare. Congratulating you on the successfnl close of the year, 1 Have the honor to be, gentlemen.' Vours respectfully