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What Is Scrofula

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It is that impurity in the blood, which, aocumulatlng in the glands oL tlie neck, produces unsightly lumps or swellings; which causes palnful running sores on the arms, legs, or ieet; which developes ulcers iu tlie eyes, ears, or noso, of ten causing blindness or deafness; which istheorigin of pimples, cancerous growths, or the many other manifestations usually ascribed to "humors;" which, fastening upon the lungs, causea consuniption and death. Being the most ancient, it is the most general of all diseases or affections, ior very few persons are entirely iree trom it. TBcenCURED By taking Ilood's Sarsaparilla, which, by the remarkable cures it has accoinplished, often whon other mediciaes have failed, has provea itself to be a potent and peculiar medicine íor this disease. Some of these cures are really wonderf ui. If you suffer f rom scrofula, be sure to try Ilood's Sarsaparilla. " Every spring my wife and cuildren have been troubled with scrofula, sores breaking out on them in various places. My little boy, three years oíd, has been a terrible sufferer. Last spring ho was one raass of sores f rom head to f I was advised to use Ilood's Sarsaparilla, and we have all taken it. The result is that all have been cured of the scrofula, my little boy being entirely iree from sores, and all tour of my children look bright and healthy."W.B. Atheeton, Passaic City , N. J. Hood's Sarsaparilla SoldbyaUdrugglst. Jl; slxforSÍ. Preparedonly bj C. I. HOOD & CO., Apothucariea, Lowell, Mass. IOO Doses One Dollar


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