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A great dearth of news this week. Over $6,000 was paid in on city taxes laat Saturday. The pomological society meet at the court house to-morrow. The next number of the Argus commences volumn fifty-five. Lew Clement sold five pianos this year for Christmas presents. Ida Van Cortland and her celebrated company next Monday night. The costumes of Ida Van Courtland are said to be drearad of beauty. Ex-Sheriff Walsh has removed to the corner of Ann and Fifth streets. The Ann Arbor lodge A. O. U. V., installed their officers last evening. The election of trustees of the M. E. church lakes place next .Monday evening. There will be a matinee at Granger's academy of dancing to-morrow afternoon. George 11. Hazelwood, station agent at Howell, bas been transferred to this station. William Walsh is now acting as deputy sheriff and attending court in that capacity. Mrs. E. N. Green, of Detroit, will build a block on Fifth street near the Jnity house. Edward L. Fitzgerald died of consumption in this city last Monday, aged eighteen years. It cost this county $90.11 to provide clothins; for its pupils in the Flint deaf and dumb asylum. O. M. Martin attended 188 funerals the past year. His circle around Ann Arbor is a wide one. Theatre-goers will have a chance to witne3S Qrst-class performances next week at popular pnces. The annual meeting of the Washtenaw Mutual Fire Insurance company occurs next week Wednesday. James C. Martin and Miss Alice M. ühallis, both of Ann Arbor, were married Monday last by Rev. S. Larp. Smalt pox in Howell is decreasing. There is now only one case aiid the schools and churches have re-opened. The installation of ofiïcers of the Sons of Veterans took place last evenng. Col. Dean installeil the offlcers elect. It seems to be the generally accepted opinio that l'roeecutins; Attorney Lehman will attend to the work of his office right up to the handle. Representative Gregory attended the opening session of the lesislature last Wednesday and took to his work like a duck to-the water. Sherifï Dwyer has taken hold of his work and we believe will make as popular a sheriff as exSheriff Walsh and ;hat is saying a great deal. l'rof. J. H. Stoere will talk to the eroperance people next Sunday "afternoon at three o'clock. All inteiested are requested to be present. On the last day of the old year, Chas. 2. Goodspeed, of Superior, was married to Miss Johaiinali Farrington, by Rev. Dr. Earp in this city. The Woman's Auxiliary society of 8t. Andrew's church and the Ladies Charitable Union tneet at Hobart hall at three o'clock, this afternoon. Mias Lottie üraper of York changed íer name New Years. Will Henderhott of Saline was the lucky groom and Bev. J. Fiaher married them. The county clerk's office is still unhanged and urbane Clerk Howlett and ustling Deputy Clerk Brown still serve he public in their official capacities. Sheriff Dwyer has appointed as bis deputies in this city, Michael Brenner and Nelson Sundorland. Under sherfE, Charles Schott will retain that posiion. Ida Van Oortland and her superb company wlll produce Shakespeare's ublime tragedy. "Romeo aud Juliet," during tlieir three nights' engagement here. Charles 1. Knight and Miss Clara A. Moore, of Scio, were married on Wedïesday of last week at the residence of he bride's father, E. Moore, by iiev. S. Larp. The Ana Arbor Temperance Union lects oflicers öaturday evenmg. All he temperance societies in the city are equested by 1'reaident E. B. Lewis to je present. One of the new po3Cal cars put on the tfew York and Chicago line has been amed "Cïov. Felch," a well deserved ompliment to our esteemed fellow .ownsman. The post office has been doing a land fflce business in money orders during he holidays distributing $1,000 a day. bome days tl.ey issued orders f or nearly lie same amount. Waahtenaw lodge Ho. 9, I. Ó. Ó. F. t their meeting Friday evening elected the following oL8cers for the ensuing erna: John Feiner, N. G; J. W. Johnton,V. G. W. n. Morton, Sec; M. taebler, Treas.; C. Krapf, L'. Sec; H.C. Clark. U.G.L. Last night's Evening Journal contained the announcement that Governor Luce would appoint Col. Henry S. Dean, of this city, state prison inspector. Rev. Richard Woodworth, of Salem, and Mrs. Priscilla Root, of Lyons, were married at the Presbytenan parsonage in this city last Monday, by Rev. Miles Gelston. Louis Leckey was before Justice Frueauff for being drunk on the streets Friday and was sentenced to ten days in jail, where ue will make the acquaintance of Sheriff Dwyer. Forty guesses were made in this office on the last day of 1888 as to what nuaabers were contained in the envelopes in the Farnier's & Mechanica bank. Hav you guessed yet? George, the son of John Wagner, of the tifth ward had the üngers of his hand badly cut by coming into too close contact with a sausage grinder in his father's meat market last week. The day before Christmas in this city Joseph II. Swing, of Detroit, was married to Miss Lizzie M. Moore, of this city, by Rev. Wm. S. Studley. The happy couple will reside in Detroit. Judge J. W. IJabbitt is now looking afcer the estates in the probate court. Remakes an excellent probate judge, and Probate Register Doty is the very best man who could be found for his position. The amount of taxes received during Oecember iii this city was $46,262.50. This is $5,000 more than received in the same time last year and shows that taxes are being paid very much better this year than last. William H. Uurnham, who married Eliza J. Calhoun in Windsor, Canada, on the last day of February last, has filed a bilí in the circuit court for a divorce, charging her with conduct unbecoming to a wife. A hammock on Washington street still hangs in the breeze, and a rooster swings upon it every morning, while he rouses the neighborhood with hia ciarion notes. The rooster belongs to a democrat and he can still crow. Northville Commandery Knights Templar will be the guests of the Ann Arbor Commandery Tuesday, January 29th, and in the eveniag will ex. emplify the Templar degree after which the banquet will be served. A large wedding party gathered at Mrs. Jacob Stabler's three miles west of the city last Thursday to witness the marriage of her daughter. Miss Julia Stabler to Christian Tnnkle, of Lodi. Eev. John Neumann officiated. Mr. and Mrs. Trinkle will reside in Freedom one and a half miles west ot Iiogers corners. Capt. Mallett, of the Sons of Veterans, has appointed the following stafï officers: Karl C. Kearns, Chaplain; Charles J. üonrath, lst Sergeant; I). O. Douglass, Quartermaster; George Fischer, OoIor Sergeant; Wm. F. Krapf, fjergeant of Guard: Frank A. Gardner, Corporal Guard; Wm. II. Dorrance, Principal Musician; Henry Allmendinger, Camp Guard; George Cox, I'icket Guard. Eli S. Regal died of diptheria while visiting at .Librarían 11. C. Davis, on Washtenaw avenue, last Saturday. He resided in Detroit but had lately been at work in the T. and A. office in Toledo. He arrived here the day before Christmas with the intention of returning the following day, but became ill and died in four days. He was thirty four years of age. He was the brother of Mrs. I. N. Demmon and Mis. It. C. Davis. E. J. Morton, of the Akgus, was thrown from his road cert,while coming down to the office Tuesday morning, sustaining a severe gash in the chin. His horse was going rapidly and in passing an ice wagon which held the center of the road took the diteh, where it slipped on the ice and feil, throwing Mr. Morton out. The horse ran through town at a rapid rate and was caught before it had done further damage. The following officers for 1889 have been elected by Branch No. 14, of the C. M. B. A.: Spiritual adviser, Ilev. William Fierle; president, Daniel J. Ross; vice-presidents, George ilangsterfer, Joseph Baunigartner; recordina; secretary, Morgan J. ü'Brien; assistant, Charles F. O'IIearn; financia secretary, John Birn?; treasurer, John Ü'Brien; marshal, John O'Grady; guard, James O'Connell; board of trusj ;ees, William H. Mclntyre, David lïinsey, Anton Brahm, John Mannius;, John V. Sheehan.