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The Wages Of Sin

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Tbe sheriff has bati more work on the scaffold during 1NSS taan f r two years before. but Judge Lynch bas deinonsti-alel ibat be doesn'tcure the ül be complains of by coning forward with more business than for two prerious years. Tlie statistics on tbe latter subject also throw a doubt upou either tbe efficiency of our judicial systsra or whother our civilizatiou is a success. There is food foi' thought in tbe fact that the mo executions of tue past year bave nearly doubled in number thosa accomplisbed in pursuance of an orderly and legal admiuistratiou of justice, whioh ft is not the purpose of this review to give expressiou to. The number of legal oxecutions during tbe year was S7, as compared with ?;'i in 1887, S3 in lSSii and 108 in 18S5. The èxecutioua in the several statea were as follows: Aiabaoia, 5 ; Arkansa, 5 ; California, 5; Conneotieut, ; Delaware, 1: Greorgia, :; Illinois, :; ana, 1; losva, 1; Kansas, ?; Kjntuuy, 1; Louisiana, S; Maryland, 1; Massaohusetts, 1; llinDfOOta, 1; Mississippi, 4; Missouri, 4; New York, '.; New Jersey, 4; North Caro lina. 2. Ukio, S;Oiegon, 1; Peimsylvania, 5; Soulh Carolina, 5; Tenuesee, 2; Texas, 0: Arizona, 1 ; idaho, '■'.; Montana,:.': Washington, 1; Wyoming, 1; Iridian Teiritory, 2. Of tbis number all were males but one, 57 were wbitee, 29 negroes and la Chinaman. Duriug the sanie penocl the mob has executed what is euphoniousjy callecl "summary jostice" iu newscaper headlines upou 144 victims, ns compareil with 1Í3 in 188V, 133 in ISïC, aud 1S1 iu 1S85. The lynchmgs in tbe various states were as follows: labnma. 11; Arkansas, 2; California, 2; Colorado, 5; Florida, 2; Georgia, 1"; l'linois. 2; Kansas, 4; Kentucky, 7; Louisuma, 8; Michigan, 1; Missi.-fcippi, 11; Missouri,;.; Nevada, 1; Nebrasku, 3; Nurtta Carolina, 10; I'ennsylvania, ]; South Carolina, ; ïennessee, 7; Texas, 15; Virginia, 4; West Virginia, 1: Wi.sconsin, 1; Arizona, i; Dakota, 4: Idalio, 5; Montana, 5; Wyoming, 2: ludida territory, Ö. Of tuis number ! ' was a woman, (T were whitos, 74 colored men, and 3 Indians. These lynchings ere for various causes - tnurder, rape, incendiarism, üorse-stealing aad "insulting nomen." Of murder there wpre 2, 184 c-oses a compared witb Ü.335 in 1887, 1,499 in 1885, and 1,808 in )8S.ï. The causes of these murders may be ciassified as follows: Quarrels, 1,083; unkuown, 34?; jealoilsy, 81j; liquor, 192; by highwnymen, 14;;; higliaymen killed. 82; insanity, 51; resistiug arrest, (4; self-defense, S8; infanticide, (Mi: riots, 34; outrage, 0; strikes, 12; duel, i.


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