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Estáte of Phoebe Ann Martin. QTATE OF MICHIGAN, COUNTTf l I SRHBÍOI oi Ule Probate Cotrrt Foi the eounty of V.ihun:vw, linldi-n ut the Prubate office In Lhe cuy ol' Ann Arbor.on 'l'lmriday, the twenlietn liny of Decamber id the yeni onethousand eigbt h una red an&elghty-eigbt. Present, v m. D, Hsmmitn, Judpn ol' l'robat. In the mul ter ot the Estáte ofPheobe Ann Murtiu deccased. 0 iv. r M. Martin thp a ■ niiniatrator of saul eslateoomee intncourt and rapretontB ihat heia now yreparcd to vender his üiml account as SOch administruMr. Thereupon it is ordered, that Monday, tlm ín dny of Jannary ncxt, at ten o'clock in t)e foreooon In; aHKÍgued for exitniiuing und allowinfr sucb account and tliat the heirK-at-law ol said deceasel , and all other persons int erested in said estáte are requiredto appearat asension of said court tbeu to be holdenatthel' tho city ot Ali Arbor in said connty, and show cause, ifany there he why thutaid account s.hould not be allowed: AnU it is (urtuer ordered, that eaij administrator Sive noticoto the persons ïnlerested iu said estáte, of tlie pcndency ol suld accjoimt aud the henrinfc thereof, by cansing a copy of ttils order to be publiahed in che Ann Akboii Arbus a newspaper printed and cireulating in said rounty two successivc weeks previou? to siid flay ot lUa"ng' WlIXIAAf D.fiAilKlMAN, [A tnie copy) -I "lg ol F hsteW, G. 1)01 ï. Probatf Register Estáte of Mary A. Johnson. STATE OF MICHIGAN, COUNT"Y of At a session of the Probate Court lor the County of Wushtenuw, bolden at the Probute OtficB. in the City of Ann Arbor, on hridny, the 7th day of December, in the jeai onethousandeighthundred sud eighty-eiichl. Present.Wüliam D. Hurriraan.JudKe of Probate. In the matter ol the estáte of Mary A. Johnson deceased. ' On readingand filing the petition, duly venfied. of Frank K. Johnson, praying that administration of said estáte may be granted to Josepb T. Jacohs or some other suitable person. Thereupou it is ordered, tht Monday, the "th day of January next, at ten o'clock in th forenoon, be assigned for the hearing ofsaidpetition, and that the heirs at law of said deceased, and all other peraons interested in said are required to appear at a aession of said conrt th-n to be holden at the Probate ofllce in the city of Ann Arbor, and ebow cause ifanythere be, why the prayer ofthepctiüoner Bhouldnot begranted: And it is lurther ordered, that said petitioner give noticeto the persons interested in said ealateof thependency ol said petition, and the hearing thereof, by causmg copyotLhis order to be puhlished In the A bbor ARus, anewspaperprinted and circiilated naaidcounty.tbree successive weeks previous to aa day of hearing. W0XIAM D.HARRIMAN A true copy.] Judge ut erulinte. Wm.O. Doty, Probate Register Mortgage Foreclosure. WHBBEA8 default has ticen made in the comlitions of a certain Mortgaire made by Gcorge W. Healey and Anua Healey. his wife f the Citvof Ann Arnor, C'ouuty of V ashtenaw and'State of Michigan, to Martin Seawltof the same nlace, dated the second day f September A. fi. 1887, and reeorded in the fficc of the Ketcistor of deed in and for said I County on tne second day of September, A. i). 887, in Liher 72 of Mortgages at paffe 280,by the nou- payment of moueys due thereon, the wwer of sale containedin said Mortffatre has jecome operativo ; and on whioh said Mortsrajre here Is elainied to be due at the date of cols notíce for principal and interest the siim of 'our hundred and eighty-eiffht dollars and üfty cents, ($488.5() and nosuit or proceedings at luw or in Chancery having been iustitutod to recovur the amöunt, or any part thereof now remaininj? secured by said Mortjcage. Now. therefore, notice Is hereby giveu, that by virtue of said power of Sale and in puisuanie of the statute in such case made and provided the said Mortgage will be foreclosed by a Sale of the premlees therein described, oisomuch thereof as may be necessary tosatisfy said Mortwige, attorncy feo and 01 this Eoreolóauré, at public auction, to the ttlghest bidder; at tho eaeteriy front door ol the Coiirt house in the said City of Ann Arbpr, said Court house uc-ing the in wmeb the Circuit Court for said County of Washtenaw is held, on Monday the llth day of March A D. 1SS9, at ten o'clock in the forenoon of that day standard time, which land and premlBea sre desorlbed ás follows, to-wlt All iliat oertain pieoe or paroel of land situated and Deins in the City of Amr Arbur. County of Washtenaw and'State of Michigan, kuowu and öescribedasï.otnumhfi-Sixin Block number One oJ Daniel Hiscock's additiou to the City of Ann Arbor, Michigan. Datod Dc-eembcr fith. A. D. 1.--88. M liTIN 8EABOLT, Morteagee. I' MCKBBNAN, Attorney for Mortgagoo. Commissioners' Notice. STATE OF MICHIGAN, COUNTY OF VVashtknav. The undersigned hayimr been Rppointed ny the Probate Court for said County, Commissionérs toreceive, examine and adiust uil cJaim3 and demanda of all persons ajrainst the est:ite of Busannah Johnsot late ot said Couniy, deceused, hereby give notice that six monÜU tionl diltc ure allowea, ly order of s:iul Probate Court for Credilors lo present their claims ftpiiDSt the estate of said deceased, and that üiey will meet at thé office of Lehman Bros.&Cnvanauuh in the Vil lage of ChelBOO in said County, on Mmulny, the uthday of Mar.h aiul on Mnndav, the lOth day of June next, at tea o'clock A. M. of eiich ot said davs,to receive, examine and adjustsatd claims, mud. December loth, 1S8S. GEORGE J. CROWIiLL, FERNANDO W.HATCH. Commissioners. Commissioners Notice. OTATE OF MICHIGAN COUNTY OF OWaahtenaw. The undcrsiguea haring been a loinluS by the Probnte Court for snij Ootrat? 'oinruissíonersto receive, examine anti adjuat all oltiims and (iemands uf all persons ag-.ilniit the tate ot Erhardt StoINtelmer, late cit t.-nd County eceased, hereby give notice tliatsix mouths from atc are order of suid Probnte Coart, or Creditors tu' present tbeir claims B"'i't tlie estile of naiil deceased, and thut they will meet ut he late residence of said decensed in the township of LiOdiin aaid County, on Moudav the llth day ofMarcri and on Monday the Idth day of June next, at ten o'clock A. M. oi eacb of sald days, to leceiTe, examine and adjiiMtsaid claliaf. Datrd. December 10th 188Í. TOIIN G. (fEI.I)KAMl', FRÏDEJUCKPEO8S. Coimnissioner.-. Commissioners' Notice. STATE OF MICIIIGAX, COUN'IY (Hr W ssiiTiNAw. The undersined hivingbeenappointed bv the Probttte Court lor said County.Conimissioners to receive, examine and adjust all claims and demands of' all persons asainst the estáte o John li. Dow, late of said County, dcceasc-d,, hereby give notice that si. niontlis from date areallowed, by order of said Probate Court, for erwlitors to preseüt their claims affsinst the estáte ot snitl iU-ceased.and that thev will meet at the shop ofCh-.iso Ij Dcw, in the city of -inn Arbor, in said County, on Monday the iSth dav of Maren and on Monday the 17U1 day of June next, at ten o'clock A. M. of faoh of said days, to reccive, -inijne atd adjust snid claims. Died December i7tb. 1SS8. MICUAEI. I. FEITZ. WARREN E. WALK S E. Coinmissioncrs. Commissioner's Noiice. OTATE OF MICHIGAN, COUNTV OF OWuahtcnaw. Toe underl(ned Imviiik huen appointed by the Probate Court for ,-aid Coonty, Couiniisaiouers to rtceive, xamine aml adjrsc all clainiH anddc-mands of all persona against th ostatoolJameB Gorman, late o!' said Couiity deccascd, herehy give iiofloe Iliai "ix montliB from date are allnw'ed, hy order oi siiiil Probate Court, for ('reditors to present their claims agninbt the estáte of i!d ilecensed, and that thuy will meet at the Law office of Lehmsu Bros. & Cavanaujch In the ïillat'8 of Chelwa in said County.on Taesda; the 12th day of March ;inil on Weduesday the 12tb d:iy of Jmie next,attcn o'clook A.M. of eocn oj ai'd days, tü recexve, examine and aiijust sfuu cLunis. Dftted Dt'C mber 12li l8S. MAlíTIN J. CAVAXAUlill, THOMAS MeKOKE, ConiiiiissioDiTu . Commlssloners' NoticeSTATE OF MICHIGAN, COUNTY of WaBhtenaw, ss. The uudcrsigned liuvmp been appointed by the rrobata Court for saul l ounty, l'onnnissiöuer to receivo, examine nd ■djusi all claims und demanda of all persons au uust Ihe estáte of OynthU Masten, late of Bald eouuty dce-Kised, herebï give noiice thal bix mouthsirom date are allowed, by order of said Probate Court, tor oredlton to present their claims asrainsttlie estáte ofaid .le.eaaed, aud that tUeT will meet at the office ot BH W. Moore, Esq , at the Ann Arbor Agntultural Works in the city of Ana Vrborin said county. on Monday the lSth day ttl Maroh and on Monday.tlie 17th day of Juuenext, at ten o'clock A.. M. of e:ich ofsiid daj, to receiv exawineand sdjuat said claims. t„,,eail,.,Kl,,il7thl38.wMoo[ii, JOHN FlNNKUAN.


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