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Cipher For The Typewriter

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An KiiglLsliman has invented an ingenioua mothod of produeing a ciplier or ecret comrnunication by mechanical means. It is adapted for use on typetrritera or similar writing macláces where tho typo or correspouding index salo, dial or pointer is capablc of being moved or adjutstd. Tlio typo writing macfainea to bo used for the purpose are made in rlupJicates, bo that the two index calca correspond with each other in the rangemont of thcir characters, dif fer from any other pair of machines. Since tho index scalo is adjustable, it may te uhifted in two correspohding machinas, bo that ono or more of the characters is moved out of its normal poitiou, and. in consequence, wlien the operator strikes a certain lottor on the keyboard, anothcr totally different wil] be printed. ïhus he can continuo and v rite caitiin eiuiro leltor, which, to tlie uninitiatcd, wiU 8eem like nothinp; more than a confused jumble of characters. To rtecipherwhatever has been written it is only nec&ssary ibr tbc individual vfho haa tho clew to shift the index scale in tho opposite direction from that used bv the original operator, and then, by rtrüiing fn tlio keyboard the characters of tho secret communication, the correct messaco wil] be


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