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Judge Lynch's Last For '88

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■kw OttLBANS, 2 - A. special l.o The HeS'LVinoci'ut Irom Greenvill. Miss., H Betrttp uolored servante of CjI. Pax■ [ic:ir Arepa, were arrested a few days Hf for burmnar the colonel's residonee, Hi of them confessid to drugiug the cof■so as to makt) the family sleep, and thea He oouspirators 3et fre to the house during He night. Ttie eonfossion was to the' effect Hat tb woman cook drugled the coffee, but Bvo members ot the family. Mr. aad Mrs. Frank Alciridge, did not drink ot it, and Rvben the house was burnins; they awoke and [roused Col. and Mrs. Paxton. Otherwise all would prohahly have parishs 1. The confesioQ also atnteil that o ie of the conapirators tood at eaoh door with an ax or gun to kül any member of the family who should try to esuepe, but tlie slowness of the flre alarmed them and they fl d. News received Monday was to the effect that the seven prisouera (9 ve meu and two o'nen) who were ander arrest and stroiif;ly guarded, disappaared 8unday night somewiiat mysteriously and ware probably lynohed. The sol motive for the crwns seems to üave bsjen robbery. Soms property taken. from the house was found ia the pos3ession of the prisoners.


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