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I thinls the Japancse are the most good ...

I thinls the Japancse are the most good ... image
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I thinls the Japancse are the most good natural and coiirteous race I evcr saw. I I nevcr licard an angry word eaid the wholo (iiuo I was in that country, and as an Uluátrátion of thcir courtesy take Ihis, which lsaw'myself: It was in the railroad station in Yokokama. I had just returned from Tokio. The railroad systeni is just the saine as that on the continent, cara and alL You huy your ticket for j'our deetination, and when you get there you pass through a gate iust wide cnough to lot you pass through; here a man stands who takes your ticket. Wo were cei-tainly 200 persons who got out at that station, and we were lieaded by a man who was evidently of some rank. When he got to the gate he stopped: ve all stopped. Thenhebowed very low three tunes to a man who was standing outside of the gate. This bowing is done by placing the hands on the legs vory noar the waist and then lending the body and süding the hands down to the knees. Af ter he had got through the other returned the salutation, bowing three linips iu the sauie '.vay. All this time we stood stiü and there was no crowding or pushing, every one seeming to think it the most natural tliing in the world. Yet had this been in Kurope, just think what a row it would have created! Just imagino a hole train full of people standing Btül and waiting for a minute or two wlüle two persons greeted


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