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The Characters In Ben Hur.

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The following list of ladies and gentlemen of this city will take part in Ben Hur, Thursday and Friday evenings. Their presence should secure a crowded house: Mother of Ben Hur, Mrs. Dr. Campbell; Tirzah, Miss Richmond; Irio, Miss Lane; Esther, Miss Bessie Dunster; Mary, Mrs. Lulu Walker; Amrah, Miss Carson; Children of Ben Hur, Miss Lulu Liesemer, Master Arnold Blitz; Priestesses, Misses Zoal, Watrous, Cramer, Mills, Taylor, Mrs. Rolfe; Statues, Misses Wade, Ames, Condón: Ben Hur, John Rathbone; Messala, Edward de Pont; Simonides, Prof. Winchell; Uderim, Rufus Waples; Balthazar, Dr. Nancrede; Melchoir, J. Halier; Gasper, W. W. Whedon; Herod, Dr. Gibbes; Arius, A. J. Sawyer; Joseph, Dr. Mack; Samuel, Prof. Walter; Malluch, Dr. Louis Hall: Thord, S. W. Clarkson; Companion of Thord, Ernest Bullock; Scribe, Frank Tittals; Two Roman Soldiers, James B. Angelí,. Walter Smith; Pilot, Dr. Huber; Slave, Robert Carson.