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An Interesting Question

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It will be noticed that the Farmers' Alliance people generally consider the question of the handling of the government finances of more iinportance than any other national issue. Have we enough currency in circulation? While "business" is apparently good, that is to say, traling is plenty enough, there is a shortage in what we cali "ready money. ' We find many people with property enough who cannot pay bilis becausa of shortage in the "medium of exchange." They might secure cash by selling some of their property, but the cash price for this would be far below their astiinate of its value. There is, therefore, a well settled belief in the minds of the people that the volume of cash is so small tbat the banks and money lenders have a great advantage over those who must pay their debts in cash or what has been decreed legal tender. How far are they right? To us, this is ooe of the most interesting tions of the day.