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A Shipment Of Glassware

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The "quality" of McKinleyism rnay e seen from a case recently reported y a Boston paper. A merchant recently mported from Antwerp an invoice of medium table glassware, paying for it il, 775. On landing it at the custom ïouse the McKinley duty was found to )e $1,065, thns making the entire cost 2,840. The ,duty under the old law would have been 742. 30, or $322.70 less ,han the McKinley duty. A part of this ïifference grows out of the customs administrative law maMng the boxes, straw, packing, etc., dutiable at the ame rate as the merchandise when an ld valorem rate is levied. The old rate on table glassware was K per cent. ; the McKinley rate is 60 sercent., or an increase of 50 per cent. ïpon the old rate. This increase is said o have been put on by McKinley for he benefit of the glassware manufactirers in hia district One of the Philalelphia nianufiicturers,, who went loro jacB-imey to asK ror a mgner aircy, had ïnuch to say about the pauper laborers of Germany, who "eat meatonly once a week," and y et he confessed that workers in our American glass faetones have work only about nine months in the year.


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