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Washington City, Jan. 8. - In the senate yesterday Shoup of Idaho was allotted the term ending in 1889 and McConnell that ending March 3 next. The conference report on the urgent deflciency bill was agreed to. The bill for education in Alaska was discussed, but not disposed of. The financial measure was then discussed, Daniel, Plumb, and Hiscock speaking at length. The house passed some minor military measures, and continued the debate on the shipping bill. Washington City, Jan. 9. - In the senate yesterday house bilis were passed for public buildings at Akron, O., $75,000, and Da venport, Ia., $100,000. Senate bill to provide a patrol steamer on St. Mary's river, Michigan, was passed. An agreement was reached by which general debate on the financial bill wiü close Tuesday and a vote be taken Wednesday. Turpie and Cali addressed the senate on the flnancial bill. The house passed the bill authorizing the issue of certificates of service to telegraph operators with the Union army in the late war, and refused to pass a resolution limiting debate on the shipping bill. Washington City, Jan. 10.- The senate yesterday passed the house bill providing an additional associate justice of the supreme court of Arizona. Conference report on bilis for buildings at Youngstown, O., and Fort Dodge, Ia., were agreed to. Blackburn and Morgan addressed the senate on the financial bill. The honse passed the bill to authorize Oklahoma City to issue bonds for a railroad right of way through the city. The entire afternoon was spent debating (without action) a bill for the relief of the Citizens' Bank of Louisiana. The night session was devoted to private pension bilis, of which sixty passed, one giving the widow of Gen. Duryea 130 per month. Washington City, Jan. 12 - In the senate Saturday a bill was passed extending the time for entryof lands under f orfeiture bill of last session. The report on the bili to carry out the act to divide the Sioux reservation was agreed to. Debate on the financial bill was continued, Morgan eoncluding his speech. Bills for buildings al Rockford, Hls., and Pueblo, Colo., were passed. In the house the army appropriation bill was debated at length without 'action. Eulogies on the late Itepresentative Walker, of Missouri, consumed part of the afternoon. Washington City, Jan. 13. - In the senate yesterday Platt said he would cali up the copyright bill as soon as the fiuance measure had been disposed of. Paddock gave notice that without regard to the copyright bill, or any other bill, he woulc at the first opportunity cali up the pure food bill. The financial bill was further debated, Allen, Cockrell and Berry participating in the discussion in favor of free coiuage. A short executive session was held. The house passed a resolution discharging the comniittee on rules from further consideration of the resolution looking to an investigation of the silver pool and providing for the appointmem of a committee of five to investígate the matter. The consular and diplomatic bil was reported and placed on the calendar. The army appropriation bill was then taken up and discussed, without action, until adjournment. Washington City, Jan. 14.- The senate yesterday, after the passage of some public building bilis, one beingfor Joliet, Hls. proceeded with the consideration of the financial bill. Sherman spoke in opposiïion to the free coinage amendment. Allison and Evarts followed in speeches also against free coiuage, and McConnell in its support. The house occupied the entire day, after morning business, discussing the armj appropriation bill, and adjourned without action on it.