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A yovr;;; 1 uf oí Spuí.i hhed a livevy , rig, drove ;ve mile i;i the country and vas married, wheu t.:1 uair ling trip to Greeuville willi the liired conveyance and leCt it there. The Sparta liverymau has secured his property but qo fee the use thereot'. The success that has attended pepperoiint produetion at Dtcatur will induce quite a number oí pcopla to em'oark in the aromatic indu'try at that point another spring. Rev. F. R. Bunker and Miss Belle Richards, recently married at Kalamazoo, will take a wedding trip to At rica with expectation of deyotinjj twelye years to getting acquninted with licuthens. The Southern Michigan Poultry asa ciation had its mnual meetiní at Monroe the past week with a'pom .'J birds in attendance, a largar collectioa tlian ever crowed and cackled ai once in the st;.te outside of Detroit. The two occupant o!' a hnnd car collided with a Chicago and W'ust Misturan train near Big ïUpids. Althouh thrOrn a distance of tbircy teet tiie cien esoaped injury. Four people and the wagon in wliich they riding collided with a railroad train at Millingtou, and although the wagon was knocked into kimüing wood none of the occupants was swiously injured. Herbsrt Warren, the Elmira, Jí. Y., man who shot his father because he was beating the young nian's mother, has been acquitted. He forrnerly lived at Battle Creek and Lansing. H. N. Wixon, who Uves near Nason, feeds his corn crop to a flock of 1U,000 Germán carp, and íinds fish culture more profltable than raising domestic animáis for market. The family of John M. Ryan, at Bay City, were awakened frorn a sound slum ber by a midnight blaze just in time to escape from the burning dwelüng. Nothing was saved but the white robes they wore. While stealing a ride on the Chicago and West Michigan railway, a couple of tramps were injured in getting off the train, whereupon they brought suit against the company for damages, but failed to collect. What next? A Grand Rapids creditor called on a $4 debtor at 5 o'clock in the morniug - routing him out of bed at that unseemly hour - and staid all day, securing three good square meáis, when the poor man paid in the belief that 'twas the only way to get rid of an all winter' boarder. Corporal William Kiarbolling, located at Fort Mackinac, gets $40,000 by the death of a relative in Ecgland. He will bring the cash over and put it where it will do William the most good. Pierre Beauvillier, a Lake Linden lad of 60 summers, has married pretty Philomera Turcott, a lassie of sweet 16. Rev. S. H. Roblin, the Bay City parson whom Brooklyn, N. Y., Universalista tried to capture with a handsome salary, but failed, is in receipt of a stil! larger bid from the eastern society. He may capitúlate this time. C. E. Mark, the Flint man who was reported to have skipped, lea ving man y debts behind, says the allegation is an untruthful one and that he's attending to the laundry business at the old stand as usual. When State Treasurer Braastad took eharge of the finances of the commonwealth, the cash counted up $609,000 in addition to $515,000 worth of securities, the bulk of the latter being doposits by insurance companies doing business in the state. A Grand Rapids man became so in censed because his wife had him locked up for beating her, that he attempted to burn down their home upon his release. Now he's enjoying a second acquaintance with the bastile. Saginaw has no grain elevator although 8,000,000 bushels of wheat and corn are grown annually in the country tributary to that city. S. Bowhall is the Edmore inventor of a kitchen cabinet which promises to be in such demand by the ladies that a Muskegon firm is desirous of securing the right for its manufacture. Mrs. Miller, a Coldwater lady who had been in usual good health, died after an hour's illness. The Peninsular Furniture company, of Grand Rapids, has assigned. Liabilities, $30,000. Belding is to have a new carpet sweeper factory, backed by a capital stock of $50,000. The Perry sweeper will dust for business. Mamie Starr, the East Tawas girl who went to Chicago and engaged as a domestic, afterwards poisoning her employers, Mr. and Mrs. Newland, has been convicted and sentenced to prison for life. A Port Huron boy is spending atendays, inning at the local bastile for firingasnow ball through the window of a residence in that city. The Michigan Masonic home at Grand Rapids will be dedicated Jan. 27. The association has the building completed and $11,000 in the treasury with which to furnish it. Capt. Moffat, for fifty years manager of the Port Huron-Sarnia ferry line, has retired for a period of well earned rest. E. E. Myers, of Detroit, has formulated plans for Saginaw's new $119,000 city hall. Miss Sallie Little, a Saginaw lady, is particularly foud of a game of pedro, and in her haste to dress for a card party on a recent evening she dropped a lighted match on her dress, setting it on fire. Frightened? Yes; and worst of all she was badly burned. W. D. Harshaw, a prominent Pontiac citizen, went to Arizona less than three weeks ago on his wedding tour, and has been brought back a corpse by his young bride. Consumption. While en route to see a patiënt not far from St. Ignace, Dr. Campbell was thrown from his conveyance by the runaway horse and injured so that he was obliged to summon a physician before he could complete the journey and , attend his own patiënt. The Ladies Library association, of Port Hurón, has been in commission for a quarter of a century KTjd has a library of 4,000 volumes. Only three of the charter members are now resident members of the association. Mrs. Lawrence Seabald, who died recently from the effects of too much liquor at the St. Clair county pcorhouse, is said to have been a niece of Postmuster General Wanamaker. Maple sugar makers in several counties ín the eastern and central sections of the state, are making the necessary preparations to harvest the sugar bounty provided for by a recent act of congress. Eddie Cushway, the Bay City boy who made his escape from an officer while en route for the reform school flve years ago, has got himself outside a prison job, and .vill dweil at Jackson for the term of five tears. The Essexville Congregational church refuses to accept the resignation of Parsou Scott, which is considered a complete vinlication of that gentleman. He will reinain with that church. Andrew Carnegie and other capitalists are said to have bought, 4;he Chapin iron mine at Iron Mountain, the consideration being in the neighborhood of $3,000,000. A divorce is what Mrs. Katherine Blüir doth most desire. The lady is a vaghterin-law of ex-Governor Blair. Frank Andress, who lives near Williamston when at home, thought 'twould be an easy matter to clean a loaded gun, and now his strong right arm is minus the best portion of a hand. The Marquette Savings bank flnds business profltable enough to warrant an increase of its capital stock to $100,000.