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While a Detroiter was in Chicago the üther week he was interviewed at his hotel by a sliok looking man, who claimed to be from the south, and who said: "I am here in Chicago on a rather queer erracd and I want the aid of a square man. Do not be surprised, but I know your name, the city you live in, and have been assured that I can coníide in you." "Well!" "Well, during the war a confedérate who was confined at Camp Douglass here buried 25,000 in gold under his shanty in the prison pen. Ha died in the prisou, but among the papers he sent home was a cipher key to the money and the spot where it was buried." "Isee." This key feil into my hands only a month ago. I am now here to get the money." "Well, vvhy don't you get it?" "Beoause the spot where it is buried is owned by a gardener, and I shall have to buy half an acre of ground at a cost oL a thousand dollars." "Ahí And you can't raise the thousaud?" "No; but if you can 111 go snooks with you on the gold." "Very well. We'll want papers drawn up and signed and witnessed. Come back in half an hour, and I'll have my friend, Detective McGann, here as a signer." "The you willl" eXclaimed thestranger, and he feil over himself in his hurry jo get out of the room and the hotel. "Who is he?" replied a detective when asked about the man. "Well, he's monte, bunko, green goods, confidence and two or three other things, and is sharp enough to make t'20,000 a year, and do it so nicely


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