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Rare Boughs And Buds

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"Alas, ala4, w the north wind grieves!'1 Baid the black ash tall, 'Tm losing my leavesi" And "WeUaday," sighed the elm tree oíd, "I stand in a rain oL ray faiüng gold!" And "Oh," cried the maple overhead, "On the dark ground rustles my robe of red I" The birch tree shook in a yellow shower. And glimmered more ghostly every hour. WcDe the silver poplar whispered loud As lts shimmerinp; leaves joined the flyiaj crowd. A sound of mouroing fllled all the land For the trees grow barer on either hand. Bat the little buds laughed on the twigs so brown That sprang from the branches up and down. As tucked in safe and glad and warm, Ready to weather the winter storm, They waited so patiently aDd still Till the wikl, cold wind should have worked its wül, And blown the sad skies o-nce more clear, And wakened from slumber the sweet New Vear. If you look, my child, at the tree top high, You'll see them clustered aainst the sky, The little brown buds tliat rock and swing, Dreaming all winter of coming spring! And if when April comes asain, You watch throngh the veil of her l)almy rain, You'll see them pushin; out leaves like wings, Ali crowned with the beautv tliat natiencebrines!


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